YZ426F Oil Change Help

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YZ426F Oil Change Help

Post by 4Strokes » Fri May 20, 2016 6:48 pm

Topic: 2002 YZ426F oil change help
Author: 650LMAN
Posted: 11/11/2008 9:53:44 PM

I just purchased a used 02 yz426F. It runs perfect and is in good shape, but I'm a little confused by the oil change procedure. I'm used to the XR method where you first drain the frame, then clean the oil screen, then drain the case. Next I would just check the oil on the dipstick to be sure the level is correct. My problem is the 426 seems like it should be the same (even the service manual seems to explain it like this). But my bike had no oil in the frame when I pulled the plug on the frame. Next where the screen should be, there's just a plug there. And last it has no dipstick, only a plug again. All the plugs are purple aluminum and look after market. Is it possible the last owner changed things around? Would anyone recommend trying to go back to stock? Or am I just a idiot looking to deep into things and the oil is only the case? Thanks

Reply by 250f canuck on 11/12/2008 07:36:45 AM
It is possible that the previous owner put a dry sump kit in the bike. This eliminates using the frame as an external oil tank and instead stores all the oil in the engine itself. This saves a bit of weight, but significantly reduces the life of the oil as there is far less of it in circulation. If you could post a few pics of what everything looks like that would be a help, but if there is a sight glass on the side of the engine and/or a plug on the cases to fill it up with oil then you are definitely dealing with a wet sump kit.

Reply by b_king on 11/13/2008 05:50:30 AM
Correct me if I'm wrong, but wouldn't storing the oil in the motor be called a wet sump system?

Reply by 250f canuck on 11/13/2008 08:02:38 AM
Ooops, yeah it is a wet sump system when the oil is stored in the engine. My bad, that should say wet sump kit instead of dry sump.

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