Devin's XR80 XR200 & XR500R

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Devin's XR80 XR200 & XR500R

Post by 4Strokes » Tue Jun 28, 2016 11:39 am

1982 Honda XR200
82 XR200 - Striped plain old 200 model. this is how you do a wheelie, almost at that balance point and you can do them forever, then you shift up to 4th and do em for longer. Fun little bike. -Devin Bernier 10/23/2007
1984 Honda XR500R
This is my new ‘84 XR500R. I’m in the process of selling my ‘81 XR500. I found the ‘84 in my small town. I just did a little cleanup and put new background decals on it. It cleaned up nice. -Devin Bernier 10/18/2006
1981 Honda XR500R
This is the same bike that is already posted. However, I’ve gotten new backgrounds for it, and recovered the seat with my own cover (it was a pain) with a little help from ma -- she sewed the seams. The bike has just been washed after a trip to the swamp -- it rained last night. :o) -Devin Bernier 7/25/2005
1982 XR80 & 1981 XR500R
These are my two bikes, the one infront is a 1982 XR80 and the one in the back is my baby, its my "new" '81 XR500R! -Devin Bernier 12/15/2003

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