XR500R Reposition Cam Tensioner Spring

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XR500R Reposition Cam Tensioner Spring

Post by 4Strokes » Sun Jun 05, 2016 4:23 pm

Topic: 84 XR500R cam chain tensioner ??
Author: syl
Posted: 08/04/2006 5:18:52 PM

I saw it coming, and now, here I am, looking at a way to reposition the cam chain tensioner spring without the special tool that nobody has or heard off. Any help would be greatly appreciated and well used. Thanks syl

Reply by shannon on 08/05/2006 05:51:44 AM
first off, i have the tool and it works like a charm. let me say that again it felt so good. i own the tool, and it works marvelously. we decided to purchase it after doing this 10 times the hard way. their only like 10 bucks. but to do it the hard way. get a 1 foot piece of decently flexible wire bit not too flexible. take pliers and put about 3/16" at a 90 degree angle on one side. you will see a small hole on the part, insert 3/16" here. No for the hard part. compress the spring AS FAR AS YOU CAN GET IT. and then while spring is compressed, loop the wire around it. the wire should hold it pretty well. make sure the wire is not pinched or anything. insert into head, insert shaft,insert all other goodies. pull wire out of small hole to release spring. pull on wire stoutly to remove it. this may take several tries, but it can be done. some other people may have some pointers on here also. good luck. Shannon

Reply by syl on 08/05/2006 7:50:49 PM
I new you would know Shannon. I will try the process you describe, I was expecting the use of a wire of some sort. Looks like I should order the tool and feel wise I did. I was under the impression they were not available anymore, I will check with my nearest Honda dealer. Thanks shannon

Reply by DGXR on 08/07/2006 12:30:01 PM
When I put my top end back together, I did basically the same thing Shannon describes. I used a piece of baling wire and looped it around the spring ends 2 times, then twisted the ends together with pliers in order to tighten the spring. It was very awkward -- I had to clip the baling wire and yank hard to get it out, but in the end it worked fine. Hope this helps... good luck and have fun.

Reply by cfvq on 08/07/2006 2:11:04 PM
Syl, having recently struggled with the wire method for the second time, I would highly recommend trying to acquire the tool. The wire method Shannon and DGXR describe will work. However, you may spend an hour or so of your time, and much frustration, screwing with it.

I am glad you reminded me to try to order this tool!

Reply by cfvq on 08/08/2006 08:38:12 AM
I just ordered the cam chain tensioner holder from my local Honda dealer in Bloomington, Illinois. Part number I gave was 07973-mg30001. This has been superseded by another number but their system gave them the new number. part was about $35.00. Well worth it if you are going to be working on one of these motors.

Reply by mitchner9g on 12/31/2007 7:32:06 PM
Hi There - I just came across this thread searching the forums on this topic. Wanted to show you my solution made from some fairly stout 3/32" wire:
Before installing the cam/sprocket assembly, I install the tensioner and it's axle. I then push the tensioner all the way open (the spring is pretty tough, wear gloves and eye protection!). I then lock it in place with the wire tool by inserting it's prong into the the hole on the outside of the tensioner while the other end of the tool butts up against the wall of the head (note dental floss just to keep it under control in case everything goes BOING ):
Reply by Jlutty650L on 01/01/2008 8:14:48 PM
I did it with a screwdriver on my 84 xr500r.

Reply by mitchner9g on 01/02/2008 5:25:32 PM
LOL, but Jlutty, that is just too simple and practical! Of course, now that I think about it, by virtue of how the tensioner unwinds, a wedged shaped thing like a screwdriver would work beautifully for this application: The force acting on it would drive it into the engine instead of away...smart.

Reply by Reggie on 01/02/2008 6:10:07 PM
That's one Techo looking device Mitch.Still can't quite work out how it works. What I used was a Plastic Electrical Tie. Place the hook end of the tensioner in a vice with the spring on then crank the spring back with the plastic tie. The tie has the self locking mechanism so no need for any twisting of wire.I found the fairly small ones do the job adequately.Anyway after that drop it in the head and put the holding pin in position then cut the plastic tie and pull it out,, Easier said than done.Be careful putting the plastic tie on as they have a tendency to slip off the spring and Tensioner rather easily. PS..Looks like you're pretty close to the first firing of the Rocket Engine, hope it goes well,,check that oil flow to the head quicksmart once she's running.

Reply by letank on 12/17/2008 01:01:21 AM
after doing all the possible ways, zip tie, screwdriver. I had to do 2 engines. the edge trimmer wire is the best, you wrap around twice, drop the tensioner then pull the wire. Of course, I drop the cam sprocket before.

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