XR650R Coolant & CS Sprocket

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XR650R Coolant & CS Sprocket

Post by 4Strokes » Sat Jun 04, 2016 5:19 pm

Topic: Draining coolant from an XR650R
Author: dirts4fun
Posted: 06/05/2003 8:08:02 PM

Hi everyone, First of all, I'm new to this forum and just want to start off by saying, "Hello", to everyone! I just recently purchased a new '02 XR650R from a local Honda dealer here in South Carolina. I was originally looking at the Kawasaki KLX400R or Suzuki DRZ400, but when I realized I could get the XR650R for $4500 I changed my mind rather quickly. It's my 1st Honda, my 1st 4-stroker, and my 1st liquid cooled bike. I've tried to purchase a service manual from Helm, but they are out of stock. So in the mean time, while I'm waiting for them to notify me when more will be available, I've been doing a lot of surfing on the web to find info on the bike as well as getting as acquainted with the bike as I can by taking it apart and exploring. I've found many great sources dealing with the XR650R to help me find my way around my new baby until I get the manual.

But until then, could some one please inform me on how to drain the cooling system. My bike has a 50/50 ethylene glycol (Prestone) mix in it along with the original Honda coolant. When I first got the bike I had a few boil overs from the reservoir tank while letting the bike sit too long after riding (like I said, it's my 1st liquid cooled bike) so I would replace the lost coolant with the Prestone mixture. I since found out it's not good to let it sit idling too long. Also, I didn't realize Prestone wasn't considered a good choice as a coolant (for motorcycles) due to the silicant inhibitors it contains even though the label on the Prestone bottle says its safe for aluminum radiators and "todays modern engines". So I wish to drain, flush, and refill with Honda's coolant, but I just can't figure out how to drain the crazy thing. I feel pretty silly asking this question, but I spent I don't know how long looking for a petcock, or some resemblance of a drain plug on the bottom of the engine block or radiators with no real clear and obvious certainty as to were one may be if indeed there is one. I of course removed the skid plate. I know how to drain the oil from the frame, and block and recognize those plugs. I'm also familiar with the crankcase oil level check bolt and engine oil strainer/banjo bolt setup.

I can't believe that there's not a simple drain plug somewhere I'm missing and I can't believe I'd have to remove the lower hose or water pump cover to drain -- right or wrong?

Next, I have a question about the front sprocket. While I was checking the bike out and learning my way around her, I noticed that the front sprocket has some lateral (push in, pull out) sliding motion
on the counter shaft of about 1/16" to 1/8". Is this normal? The whole countershaft moves in and out slightly, but the sprocket has an additional amount of movement which I can see as it moves back and forth on the splines of the counter shaft.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. I really like her and plan to work on uncorking her next -- in a couple of weeks or so when I have more time and hopefully a service manual. Thanks, Mal

Reply by TimBRP on 06/06/2003 05:48:37 AM
Welcome to the forum! I also have a 2002 XR650R. Great ain't she?! The drain plug you wish to find is located on the right side of the engine. Look where the radiator hose comes into the water-pump. Just to the right of the oil filter service area. There are about 4 bolts. You want to loosen the one on the right/closest to the skid plate at about the 5-6 o'clock(position). It will have a washer on it too. Be careful not to damage or lose it. You'll start to see antifreeze piss out. Make sure you have the radiator cap off at this time. Once this is drained out(make sure you shake and lean the bike to the side to get it all out, then empty the reserve tank on the bottom left side under the stator case. Once this is done just plug it all back up and fill it with new Motorcycle approved antifreeze 50/50 mixture. I use purple "engine ice" on mine(lowers temps). Your overheating issue was one I had too. It's because the bike comes way too leaned out on the bottom end from the factory. Uncorking the pig will ease this issue. For info on that go here: XR650R Uncork by Bob Naumann or here: XR650R Uncork Per Honda. Make sure part #'s and all are the same. The bike absolutely rips with this power up kit.

Second, the sprocket will have some play with it. This allows extra chain slack in case something goes astray in the ass-end of the bike. Just precautionary, don't fear it. There is so much good info on this site. Sometimes you don't even need a manual. Good Luck.

Reply by dirts4fun on 06/06/2003 07:19:07 AM
Thanks, Tim for your help! When I first got my XR650R, I found that my throttle cables were routed incorrectly going under the handlebars instead of over them, that the spark plug wire was indeed rubbing under the frame and showing wear already (only had the bike a month). I also found on my on during my inspection "getting acquainted" routine that the clutch cable sheath is showing wear rubbing against the thermostat housing. I just ran a tie wrap around the clutch cable and compression release lever cable and pulled it just tight enough to keep the clutch cable from rubbing against the thermostat housing. You and others might want to check yours as well.

But you're right, this forum seems to be an incredible source of info, in both detail and accuracy from just the 3 or 4 weeks I've been on it browsing.

Yes, she's really a great off road bike with much potential -- can't wait to uncork her and see her change from a lady-like pig to more of a wild boar!

I've always had air cooled, 2 stroke dirt bikes so this is a little new to me (fancy stuff you know, OHV, liquid cooled, etc. ), but I think I'm really going to like it -- no, I know I'm going to love it, I already do!

I may be asking you as well as others for their kind help in the future although I try very hard to find the info myself 1st.

Reply by TimBRP on 06/06/2003 07:49:29 AM
Feel free to ask away. Sometimes the knowledge of experience is better than someone just popping something on a webpage. Enjoy.

Reply by XR650RRider on 06/06/2003 08:29:45 AM
Eric is the voice of experience. He has had a BRP since they first came out.

Reply by dirts4fun on 06/06/2003 10:30:21 AM
Thanks, guys, for your responses. I'm going to like this forum almost as much as riding the BRB (Big Red Boar) -- sorry, couldn't help putting my slant on it. The BRP uncorked must be quite interesting after riding it restricted ...can't wait for the experience! I've got all of the info for that which I've been collecting from various sources since I got the bike. It's just a matter of finding time to do it and also the will power to quit riding it long enough to do the mods. when I do have the time to work on it instead!

Reply by XR4DEZ on 06/06/2003 10:51:17 AM
I know this is probably sacrilegious, but I took my XR650R (from the dealer) to Precision Concepts and had them do all the stuff. Every time the sales person called me to add a new part, she would say "now Johnny has this on his bike." So I got the Johnny Campbell special sans engine mods and the bike is awesome. One day the offroad magazines will write an article saying this is the greatest trail bike of all time Or at least, the greatest desert bike.

Reply by Danny on 06/06/2003 10:52:38 AM
When changing your coolant you should run a mixture of 50/50 distilled vinegar and distilled water through the system to clean it out. Put the 50/50 mixture in, start the bike and let it warm up... then drain the 50/50 mixture fill with 100 distilled water then warm it up the drain and your system will be cleaned and ready for the new coolant. I would recommend Engine Ice.

Reply by xr650john on 06/06/2003 6:30:04 PM
Dirts4fun, I've got an '00 xr650r and love it to death! To drain the coolant you do just need to remove the 5oclock bolt on the water pump housing but will probably have to trim a little of the skid plate away to gain good access to it. And I use Honda coolant only-I just have faith in their fluids. When you're ready to uncork it-and you need to- email me or post here and you'll find the answers. It'll rip! Enjoy your new bike.

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