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XR200 Can't Get Into Gear

Posted: Sat Jun 04, 2016 12:03 pm
by 4Strokes
Topic: Bent gear lever on Honda XR200, cant get into gear
Author: Alan Egner
Posted: 02/06/2008 12:15:24 AM

At first there was a problem getting into first gear. It seemed to be caused by a bent gear selector lever. Later the problem worsened. Now I can't get into any gear. I do not have a manual and need some advice about what to do. Can anyone offer any assistance.

Reply by b_king on 02/06/2008 4:45:59 PM
Are you referring to the shift lever(outside motor)? Or the shift forks or selector shaft(inside motor)? Take the bike to a shop that has a competent experienced mechanic. He will probably be able to provide an estimate without touching the bike from knowledge gained from his experience. To fix internal gear changing problems you will have to split the cases, as this is somewhat time consuming it will cost a couple of hours at a shop most likely. Hope this helps. Good luck! Robb

Reply by Alan Egner on 02/06/2008 11:40:41 PM
Yes I imagine the problem is inside the case and that it will need to be split. I was hoping to try this myself since competent mechanics are few and far between here in Botswana. Thanks for the contribution.

Reply by XXL on a XL on 02/07/2008 01:07:48 AM
Hi there. What year xr200? I just built an 87 xr200r. It too had the gear shifting issue. Anyway your problem is common. Typically its caused by hard downshifting. There is a shift plate underneath the clutch cover. Take a look, u will see that probably there is a worn spot on that plate. A new one from Honda cost me 30 bucks, I installed it and now my bike shifts fine. You will need a clutch cover gasket, and you will need to remove the clutch pack, to get to it. I went ahead and threw a new clutch at it, while I was in there. Hopefully this works, save you from splitting the cases. I.E.- this is the second xr200 I have worked on with this problem, both had worn out shift plates. Usually starts, with a hard 2 find 1st gear. Just easy on the downshifting, and u will be set. Hammer down, get that xr back up and running!!

Reply by Alan Egner on 02/08/2008 12:08:00 AM
Thanks for the tips. That sounds just about right. Do you by any chance know of an online shop that could sell me the necessary bits and bobs?

Reply by Jschick on 02/08/2008 10:15:58 AM
I have this same problem on my 01 xr200r, I was told this is a common problem and is a easy fix as described. I hope to tackle mine this week or next. Any chance I can get a part # of the plate you replaced?

Reply by Jschick on 02/11/2008 09:54:29 AM
I opened my 01 up this weekend and sure enough, the shift cam gear was worn on the edges so the shift mechanism could not grab hold, new the part looks to be about $30, and on ebay about $20. to remove it was fairly simple, I do not have the tool to remove the clutch so i didn't remove it, if I had the tool it would have been easier but it can be removed without. their is a 10mm bolt holding on the cam gear, remove the bolt and remove the clips and springs holding on the shifter mechanism. press down on the shifter lever and that will drop the mechanism down past the clutch, so now slide off the mechanism and remove the cam gear.

Reply by XXL on a XL on 02/12/2008 12:34:31 AM
Right on. glad to hear your up and runnin. As for Mr.Egner, I would turn you on to You can acess a honda microfiche, and directly buy parts from them. Just look at the shift drum, diagram, and order the parts u need. I frequently use that website, for reference on my bikes. Love that microfiche. Good luck.

Reply by Alan Egner on 02/12/2008 12:50:09 AM
Thanks guys, I really appreciate your advice. I will let you all know how things turn out.

Reply by Jschick on 02/19/2008 1:16:57 PM
I got my parts today for my 02 XR200r, I found my shift cam gear on ebay actually from a 83 ATV, but i found by looking at the online microfiche, that most all 185-200's and some 250's are the same. so i got the entire shift drum and all mechanism parts for $9.99 with $6 shipping. now the ATV shift drum is different but everything else is the same, and besides I don't need the drum. and I also found the older bikes used a harder steel, my 02 xr part is super soft, compared to the 83 part I just got! much better quality steel and parts.

Reply by Jschick on 02/22/2008 08:13:56 AM
well got my xr back together, it went back with no problems and shifts very smooth. great fix guys thanks!

Reply by fast68 on 04/07/2008 9:48:16 PM
hmm this must only be a problem on the later model XR's ? my 1980 XR200 never has had this problem and it has been through a lot over the years. interesting.

Reply by Jschick on 04/09/2008 3:08:24 PM
Yes you are correct, that's why I did not order "new" parts I got the used parts from a older 80s bike, the metal on the parts i got is much harder then what I removed from my 01. when I was a kid I had a 82 and beat the daylights out of it and never had any tranny problems. 20+years later I have a 01 and insides are soft metal!

Reply by wiley on 06/05/2008 08:38:04 AM
Is the plate that you're talking about part number 10 on this fiche?
3265_Shift_Drum_86-93.gif (10.83 KiB) Viewed 2334 times
Or Honda part number 24621-446-650 if that's easier.

Reply by gn87berner on 06/09/2008 7:53:43 PM
plate is 10 cam is both

Reply by wiley on 06/10/2008 08:08:24 AM
Perfect, thanks! Parts on order.

Reply by gn87berner on 06/12/2008 8:22:36 PM
Wiley.. a tip on putting your cover back on. The clutch lever needs to be perpendicular to the cover's edge. Install bolt(without outer mechanism) in decompression cam, and turn it counter-clockwise and hold it. Hold the cover holding in this position and slide on. It needs to be able to be put on all the way tight without force, if you force it it's not right. Hope this helps.

Reply by wiley on 06/13/2008 07:33:04 AM
Thanks for the tip! Actually, I don't have the decompression system on my bike anymore, but I did run in to issues with the clutch lever the last time I took the side cover off. It doesn't work at all like my old CR did!

Reply by Alan Egner on 07/17/2008 09:20:17 AM
We finally got the part and have assembled the selector cam part. It appears to be working now and so we are trying to assemble the cover. But I notice that the kick start decompressor is meant to be assembled in a certain way i.e. it's meant to ride on a funny little gear that is on the kick start shaft. Are there any tricks as I cannot get it to work by just assembling it. It appear that the decompressor arm that runs on the kick start gear should be in a specific way. Any suggestions?

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