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XR650L Member Registry

Post by 4Strokes » Sat Jun 04, 2016 10:46 am

Topic: Registry: XR650L, NX650 & FMX650
Author: Admin
Posted: 02/28/2008 08:42:45 AM

List your Honda XR650L, NX650 or FMX650 and mods. Include model, year, mods, pics or links to pics.

Reply by dave_cl on 02/28/2008 10:22:52 AM
2001 XR650L, stock front tire, MT21 rear, love those folding mirrors, 14-48 sprkts, skidplate (of course), full folding tip shift lever with anti-fouling chain, just put on an oil temp guage and smog block-off. Wheelies like anything, max easy cruise 60-65, redline 85, stomps the bumps flat. Rest in the sig.

Reply by biiwill on 02/28/2008 1:00:11 PM
I have a 2003 xr650L with White Brother's e-series exhaust with oversize header. I took the header to the local chrome shop and had it chromed. I know that sounds tacky but it looks great and doesn't turn black like the plain stainless steel pipe White Bro's sends you. Additionally, I removed the snorkel, installed a White bro's uni-filter, re-jet kit and took off the smog stuff. I have 13/48 sprockets and a 4 gal IMS tank to keep me on the trail longer. lastly, I removed the buddy pegs and took off that ugly tail light and replaced it with a low profile tail/break light. Would like to continue with modifications such as making the bike lighter.

Reply by Cracker on 02/28/2008 1:16:00 PM
03 xrl with 6500 miles has White plastic and ims 4 gal tank ,lowering link,Travelcade gel insert seat, maxxis dual maxx tires , gel handgrips, temp. gauge, all the recommended carb mods, no smog crap, spitfire windshield.. more mods to come !

Reply by XR650Rider on 02/28/2008 1:22:07 PM
'01 XR650L Mods: #138 - all smog crap junked, unkorked, 14/49 dirt, 14/45 street, baja block off kit, Race Tech Gold Valves, Race Tech fork springs, Devol lowering link, Renthal 7/8 bars, white bros eseries pipe, UNI filter, K&N stage 1 jet kit, enduro eng bark busters, clarke 4.3 gal tank, DG bash plate. TCTRI is awsome!!! 90% rider 10% bike.

Dads bike: '01 XR400R- rejetted, twin air filter, snorkel gone

Reply by winind on 02/28/2008 1:54:43 PM
93 XR650L: White Bros E-series with 12 discs; Air pump removed; Uni Air Filter; Renthal Bars (XR bend) with pad; Anti-vibration bar ends; Jagg Honda XR Oil Cooler with custom made oil lines and mounting bracket; Dynojet Kit (DJ160/50S/2.5 turns out, DJ spring, DJ needle at position 3; Rear luggage rack (made by me); Sunstar sprockets (15/45); Regina o-ring chain; Honda ss-7 fork oil (5 wt); Silkolene shock oil; IMS 4 gal tank;

Reply by mountainrider on 02/28/2008 2:32:57 PM
I am still working on mine.It has already been jetted,air box worked on and a K&N filter.Works suspension installed a SuperTrapp exhaust.I have Moose flex bars to install.A Clarke fuel tank and a lighter taillamp. I will get it all together before to long.The main thing is it is rideable.

Reply by fstrnu on 02/28/2008 2:36:40 PM
2003 XR650L with Sunstar 14t front sprocket and Dunlop D606 Rear. Preparing to (install): Dunlop D606 Front, Uni filter, Keihin 158 main 55 pilot, Desnorkel, Supertrapp IDS2 Q-series. Need to get: Hi-Rise handlebar! I'm 6'3" and simply cannot stand on this thing!

Reply by wesle616 on 02/28/2008 2:50:19 PM
04 XR650L, Yoshi full exhaust, IMS 4.0 tank, keihin 160 main, 58 pilot, screw out 1.0 turns, needle shimmed .030, slide drilled, snorkel removed, smog removed, K&N filter, thermometer dipstick, Devol lowering link, Renthal fat bars, Works frame guards,BD under fender tail light W/cemoto fender, Rack-it rack. Click here for pics.

Reply by Old guy on 02/28/2008 2:59:06 PM
Not finished but am getting closer. Street legal XR650L Flatrack project. All stock parts not used for sale and going fast in the 4 sale area: Ohlins forks cut-down to 32"+ springs/revalved. CRF450 triple clamps. #24 bend Dirt track bars. Wide 19" Sun rims with Talon hubs, 7.5 and 7 Goodyear DT1 Dirt track tires. 1979 CR250 Elsinore alum gas tank modded / rewelded underside to fit frame. Champion style one piece seat/rear fender. (will build new rear subframe for height & seat) Air box removed, K&N filter off carb. E-series header/pipe. Shortened/revalved rear shock. Fame has been shaved of all un-needed tabs, bolts, do-dads etc. Batt to be re-located with all elect. in box under seat.

When finished it will the come back apart for powder coating, plating and polishing (maybe up the comp, flatslide & valve work). Long term project in its 2nd month, should be able to go for a shake out spin by X-mas. Posted - 01/23/2006 : 03:33:43 AM
Where should I begin... Ohlins forks revalved & severely lowered, revalved stock shock shortened to 14" (7" 650lb Eibach spring in the mail), 19" Sun rims, Talon hubs, Goodyear dirttrack tires,Ducati Monster headlight, Modified Champion 250 seat/fender, alum 78 CR250 2 gal. tank, flatslide carb, Bates pegs (relocated),#24 bend bars, pipe, more to come..

Reply by Ogre on 02/28/2008 3:02:42 PM
1999 XR650L: IMS 4.0 Tank; CR500R rear fender (ufo); XR400R front fender; header; IDS 2 exhaust; 5.10 rear tire; uni filter; re-jetted; ufo led break light; ims smog pump block off; acerbis folding mirror; mini stock turn signals.

Wouldn't mind a little more power on the street (doesn't actually need it) but has more than enough for off road. Gearing's a little tall for TIGHT trail work, but still climbs any hill that provides at least SOME traction.

Reply by ChiefBDT on 02/28/2008 3:12:32 PM
2005 XR650L, Got it new a few months ago. Just broke it in at the 600 mile mark and had the service done. I love it but just think there is a "Monster" in there somewhere just waiting to get out!!! Any advise on how to "Loose" the monster in this thing let me know. I'm up for anything. Thanks, Chief

Reply by SPUN on 02/28/2008 3:29:07 PM
04 Xr650L: Stage 1 hotcam, Yoshimura RS-3 exhaust, Smog block off, Dynojet kit (165-55 jets), Uni filter, Snorkel removed, Milleville tires, Xr 400 front fender, Low profile tailight, Renthal bars, Renthal chain, Renthal 14/48 sprockets.

Reply by lightning on 02/28/2008 3:55:33 PM
XR650L 55 pilot,165 dyna jet, tapered needle, slide drilled, uni filter, smog stuff gone, header and oval tail section, spark screen in, 909 bars, low profile four stokes only tail light, 14 and 48 sprockets, clarke tank 4.3, wolf enduro bag, moose fender and number plate bags, metzler saharas, super brace fork brace, temp dipstick, thats it its finished.

Reply by RSCUGUY on 02/28/2008 3:58:04 PM

2005 XR650L - XRs Only smog block-off, UNI filter, 6 aux air vents, no snorkel, Dyno jet kit w/168 main, slide drilled to 5/32", mix screw trimmed - 2 turns, Big Gun Race Series head pipe & silencer, iCat device, XRs Only thermo dipstick, Harri's gel grips, fender mounted rear blinkers, Acerbis Mollysoft taillight, Acerbis fork/disc guard, RSW fork brace, Acerbis Rally DS brush guards w/spoilers, 4.7 gal Clark tank w/FX decals, dh gibbs skid plate & chain guide, Pirelli 90/90-21, Dunlop 606 130/90-18 rear & Michelin Air Stop HD tubes, Hi Perf 4-S synth blend oil, Hi flow oil filter. Front fender trimmed back 6". Race Tech fork spring w/15w fork oil & valves changed. Russel s/s brake lines f/r, SRC XR400 oil cooler with s/s lines. Scotts shark fin

Things to come soon; Russell stainless steel brake lines, Stainless steel light guard, Baja Designs Tecate Race lights, RSW racing Aluminum triple clamp for both 7/8” and 1 1/8” bars, Moto Technica high performance clutch friction plates, Baja designs soft seat foam and Gutz Racing seat cover, unlimited shark fin for rear disc, heavy duty foot pegs, Quick change axle, magnetic oil drain plug for engine and frame, cut air box opening bigger, aluminum rear fender rack, supermotard front fender, Acerbis Rally duel sport brush guard spoilers.

Reply by Rotorcraft on 02/28/2008 4:05:08 PM
Did all the regular un-corking mods. Added a lockhart oil cooler to engine. Cooled oil down 40 degrees f. As far as other mods or bolt-ons, haven't done any of that yet. Mark

Signature: 01 XR650L - 9K miles, custom engine oil cooler, homemade oil temp dip stick, Dave's carb mods: slide drilled 5/32" - needle shimmed .029" - 55 short pilot - 158 main - 2 turns out (Thx Dave), K&N filter, removed: snorkle - exhaust baffle - smog stuff. Sea level riding. Valvoline 10W-40 mc oil. Click for pics (dead link)

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XR650L Member Registry - Page 2

Post by 4Strokes » Sat Jun 04, 2016 11:38 am

Reply by Treadmarks on 02/28/2008 4:10:33 PM
01 XR650L: Stage one cam; Big tube header; White bros E series, no discs-straight through; Pumper carb-15E needle, 15 clicks out, 2 turns on accel; K&N air filter; Ported airbox; desmogged; RSW fork brace and top tree clamp; LED blinkers; Cemoto MX rear fender; LED tail light-baja designs; Rebuild forks with mobil 1 atf; Renthal bars; gel grips; Trailtech 9" offroad headlight w/10 million cp reflector; 12 gauge wiring for lighting with relay and factory switches; avon distanzas; acerbis supermoto front fender; acerbis rally handguards with recessed LED blinkers; Clarke 4.7 fuel tank; Corbin saddle; Dualstar mirrors

Reply by graffix on 02/28/2008 4:28:58 PM
Finally got the bike back together. Check out the new pics and let me know what you think. It was a lot of fun putting this thing together. The Supertrapp exhaust sounds great and performs well. I'm glad I chose this exhaust. looks nice too!!!

Signature: 02 XR650L - Daves carb mods 58/160 (Thanks Dave) Desnorkled / desmogged, Black Cemoto XR400 Front fender, Black Cemoto XR600 MX style rear fender, Black Clarke 4.7 Gal tank, Baja designs LED tailight, Supertrapp IDS2 exhaust w/6 disks, Acerbis Cyclops headlight, Kouba lowering link, Shaved 1 inch of seat foam, luggage rack, Black anodized skid plate, The sprockets, chain, and tires only have about 150 miles on them, Bridgestone EDO3/EDO4

Reply by HapyCurmudgin on 02/28/2008 4:47:20 PM
I posted this list elsewhere, but figured I would add them in the proper place. Many of the things I have done have been gleaned from others ideas and postings both here and in other forums. There are truly some awesome bikes out there, with a lot of well thought out mods. My thanks to all who post in these forums! There is an abundance of knowledge and ingenuity here.

Installed Modifications: Clarke 4.7 gallon Baja gas tank. Russel Inline fuel filter. Promoto Billet rear luggage rack. Moose Racing Aluminum Skid Plate. Spark plug: DPR8EIX-9 (Iridium electrode). Oil Temp Dipstick. Moose Magnetic Oil Plug. Supertrapp IDS2 Exhaust. DeSchnorkled. Deschmogged (IMS kit). UNI air filter. Dave's Carb Mods: Drill slide, Shim needle, new jets. (To be replaced with Mikuni, See below.). Scotts Performance rear disc guard. Superbrace fork brace. SRC Mudskin Fork Seal Savers. IMS Folding Tip Shift Lever (I STILL want a Hammerhead designs shift tip with +20mm length and adjustable height.). SRC Machined Aluminum Pulse Grommet Retainer plate (so that damn wire stays put!). Renthal handlebars CR Hi bend Twinwalls. TAG fatbar adapters. New Grips (Firm Handgrips, reasonably tacky). Moose Racing Stainless Steel foot pegs. Sylvania Silver Star bulb H4 12v-60/55w (Soon to be replaced, see below). LED 1157 Taillight bulb (Soon to be replaced, see below). Works Connection frame guards (Modified XR600 guards). XR600R Rear Caliper Guard. Xr's Only front brake reservoir cap (necessary accessory! ... ok, ok, it was purdy & i liked it.). Russell Braided stainless steel brake lines Front & Rear. Heavy Duty Aluminum Chain Guide. XR400 UFO Front Fender (Red), Cut down & vent holes added. Acerbis front fender brace (going to mount a new smaller toolbag on this, figured th brace would help support it.). 14T/48T for the D606's. 14T/45T for the Distanzia's. Header Wrap. Avon Distanzia's for the long road trips. Dunlop 606's F&R for the everyday work/home commute.
Rear Lowering Link, front lowered in clamps.

Future Mods, Currently amassing the parts to complete: Big Ruckus dual headlight assembly (I am collecting stuff to go to all LED bulbs wherever possible to drop my wattage usage. It is getting there, but wow is it progressing slowly!). XR600 rear fender & LED Taillight (to be changed when i change lights). 41mm Mikuni Type TM carburetor. iCAT Spark Enhancement device (to be added when i swap carbs).

Reply by Hardcharger on 02/28/2008 4:50:29 PM
I guess I'm pretty miserable too then. I picked up my '98 XR650L in the fall of '03. Here are my "Chopper" mods to date (at least the ones I can remember): Supertrapp IDS converted to an ISD2 w/9 discs. Desmogged & no canisters. Desnorkled. Clarke 4.0 w/custom tank brace (strong). Napa Gold inline fuel filter. One Industries graphics & "custom" front fender stickers. Uni-filter w/No-Toil system. Slide drilled, needle shimmed .030", 158 mj, 58 pj & ps 2 1/4 turns out. Magnetic drain plug & 15W-50 full-synth oil (non-"EC"). White Bros rear shock lowering kit & shorter Eibach coil-over spring. Front forks raised 5/8" in triples w/5 psi air assist. BD bash plate. Acerbis disc/fork gaurds w/window cutout for speedo cable clamp. Clutch, neutral & sidestand safetys bypassed. Thumper Racing Burley foot pegs (nice!). Pirelli MT-21 rear (new), Pirelli MT-21 front (sort of new). Renthal CR-Hi bars w/Pro Grips & tooth guard (cross bar pad). Stainless steel headlight rock gaurd (worth it). Maier small XR-style tail/brake light conversion w/custom license plate mount. 14-45 dirt gearing, 15-45 for everything else. Countershaft sprocket cover notched & ovals cut out for the heck of it. Shifter rotated up one notch (for riding boots). Front fender bobbed 3 1/2", drilled & screened. Emgo rectangular mirror, left side only. Power Source smaller & lighter battery (fits like OEM). 12-volt power outlet installed on right front blinker mount (added on 09/04/06) for powering my new ICOM IC-T7H 2-way dual band radio with helmet-mounted bike-to-bike communication system. Mounted (2) Motion Pro tire levers on rt side passenger peg bosses with peg mounted on top of levers now. Happy Trail rear rack added on 09/27/06. (Still) More to follow in preparation for my next multi-day adventure ride in Baja scheduled for Fall of '06. Keep ya posted. Everything else is pretty much stock. Like I said before, I'm beyond help. And remember, "It can't be the rider, it's gotta be the bike...yeah, that's it!"
Reply by rkuckkahn on 02/28/2008 4:54:41 PM
Ok here's a mod I have and I bet you don't and I also bet you won't care that you don't have it (what'd he say?). Anyway be that as it may (this may too be a cry for M/A help) I have amber running lights. In each blinker light I have installed a second (smaller)light which is activated by a switch powered by the low beam. Could do it with a two pole light I suppose but that would take a new socket too. I digress or maybe mod again. Oh yea I suppose someone has done that one already right. Why did I do it? I have a problem and freely admit it (that's the first step toward the cure). Maybe it makes me more visible at night, maybe I think I'm Bat Man and it makes me look cooler than other XR650L's in town, maybe my wife is right and I have a mental problem, or maybe I'm just trying to outdo everyone else. I don't know. PLEEEASE HELP ME, I've fallen and I can't get uup.

Signature: 2004 XR650L - Jets at 55/158, needle shimmed 0.03", UNI filter, White Brothers E Series with 6 discs and silent core installed, stock headers, pilot screw 2 1/4 turns out, snorkel gone, smog gone, 5/32 slide holes, 14 tooth front/47 rear sprockets, DID gold chain with rivot master link, stock cam, RSW Racing fork brace, Pirelli T21's, Dirt-Bike-Gear fork, bar, rear bags, 200-220 dipstick ave. temp with wings gone, front fender cut 6" off front/holes in trailing edge, 41 mpg ave., 3800' elevation.

Posted - 05/04/2006 : 07:10:01 AM: Amber running lights reply to question? How'd I do it. Simple. I have a second bulb in each turn signal. Soldered wires to the bulb. One short wire is connected to ground at each turn signal the other wire is routed from each bulb through a switch to the low beam positive. I have a single common wire running to the rear then branch to the two rear lights. The low beam is always powered so the positive always gets "juice" flip the switch and magicaboola running lights. By the way, if I do say so myself, they are way cool.

Reply by taddow on 02/28/2008 4:58:53 PM
OK, first of all, thanks to all on this site for help/ideas/instructions for these mods. I could not have done it without this forum.

2001 XR650L: Dave_cl's Carb Mods, Keihin Jets 160 main, 58 pilot, 2 ¼ turns, Snorkel Removed, Buddy Pegs Removed, Clarke 4.7 Gallon Tank (Black), Aluminum Tank Mounts, Billet Aluminum Cap, Oil Temp Dipstick, BajaDesigns Skid Plate, Renthal Handlebars CR Hi bend 7/8", Acerbis Rally Pro Hand Guards, Chopped Levers, 909 Grips, Uni Air Filter, IMS Smog Block Off Kit, Billet Rear Fender Rack, Shark Fin
Utah Sport Cycles Heavy Duty Chain Guide, FMF Racing Q2 S/A Muffler, Maier Mfg Front & Rear Fender (Black), JT 14T Front Sprocket, Guts Racing Gripper Seat Cover, Acerbis Fold Down Mirror, left side only, Low Profile Tail Light (4 strokes only), Mini 12v Turn Signals (Procycle), IMS Shift Lever, DirtBagz Panniers, Pirelli MT21s. Thanks again. I'm sure this list will grow the more I read this forum... smilie('')

Reply by 650lalaska on 02/28/2008 5:02:35 PM
2006 HONDA xr650L: smog block off kit, snorkel removed, skidplate painted red, flame rear disc guard painted red, white brothers E2 slip on exhaust, UNI air filter, FX swing arm decals, scotts performance stainless steel oil filter, pumper carb, pro moto billet rack, icat device, sweet crossbar pad, white side covers now black. clarke 4.0 gallon-red, super moto front fender-red, oil temp dipstick-red, acerbis handguards-black.

items on order: ceramic coated colored header wrap-red, corbin seat, 46T rear stealth sprocket. thanks to the 4Strokes.com forums.

Reply by Ecksarelle on 02/28/2008 5:10:27 PM
2006 XR650L - In Service Date 6/10/06. Legal Name: 'elle

Completed: XR's Only Oil Temp Dip Stick; XR's Only Shark Fin, Anodized Red; XR's Only Skid Plate, Anodized Red; Magnetic Oil Drain Plug - Engine, Red; Magnetic Oil Drain Plug - Frame, Red (now stripped); Buddy Pegs removed; Shrouds removed; Seat Strap removed; Rear Chain Guard removed; Fender support structure removed; Wolfman Motorcycle Luggage Rear Fender Bag; IMS Pro Pegs; Pro Taper Pastrana Contour Fat Bars; Tusk Bar Adapter/Riser for Fat Bars; Cycra Pro Bend Hand Guards (Low Profile Enduro); Brake and Clutch Levers shortened (cut the balls off); Red Spider Grips; HammerHead +20mm Offset Shift Lever Tip, Gold - flipped to give -20mm; 14/48 Gearing; Pirelli MT21's front & Rear (130); Rimlocks (aka bead locks, to air-down off road); 4 Strokes Only Tail Light; Front Fender Vented and screened for increased cooling airflow; Works Connection Frame Guards (aluminum); Countershaft sprocket cover notched (to allow for raised shift lever); Shift lever rotated up one notch; Custom (homemade 1/4in. hardware cloth) headlight protector screen; Stealth Piggy Switches (headlight/Tail Light on-off switches mounted on "dash"); Iridium Plug; Pumper Carb; Header Welds ground; Uni Filter; Snorkel Removed; Smog Pump Removed; FMF Q2 Slip-on Exhaust.

Semi Black-out Package (All white bits gone): Side Panels Plasti-Dipped Black & Red (Link in Sig); Black Vinyl Number Plate (front headlight faring); Protective "Showa" black vinyl fork stickers; Swingarm sticker background w/ silver Honda Insignia. Maier Plastic Front Disc/fork guard (black); Yamaha WRF/YZ Black Front Fender (Acerbis, Dennis Kirk part# 614188)

Next Mods: Flick the plug wire resistor: Smaller turn signals; "K"-Loop Shrouds (A-Loop style CR shrouds on stock tank - w/ Kubiak brackets).

Reply by XR650L_AK on 02/28/2008 6:23:12 PM
2006 XR650L: Pumper Carb; Moved battery & electricals to air box; removed battery box; Maier Supermoto front fender white; Maier MX style rear fender white; Oregon enduro headlight with front blinkers black; Mini stock rear blinkers white; K&N pod style 5" air filter; K&N precharger; UNI crankcase breather; Daytona digital tachometer mounted to bar clamps; Clarke 4.7 gal tank white; Clarke billet no logo gas cap; Trimmed down huge side panels; Pro Circuit type 496 exhaust; Acerbis rear tail light; Dirtskins seal savers front forks; IMS smog block off kit; PowerMadd tool caddy; Black seat cover with flaming skulls (ordered).

Reply by motomonte on 02/28/2008 6:27:36 PM
2005 650L 8K: Dave's carb mods; Uni filter; De-snorkled; Acerbis Rally Pro handguards; Regina Gold 520 chain; De-smogged; Rear cargo rack (selfmade); Adjustable kickstand; Case guard,left side; Exhaust tip cover,stainless; Rear disk guard,stainless; Side panel teflon sliders; Shortened levers,R&L. Here are some pics:
Reply by Wins05XR650L on 02/28/2008 6:32:12 PM
Well i am another newbie to the site. So far i have learned a great deal just going through the forums. Now the warranty is up and the mods have begun! I have an 05 XR650L, desmogged new main jet (165) from Baja designs. The kit did not come with a lower jet so that stayed stock. Some suggestions if you may on that one. Slide re-drilled to 5/32 holes. Rear pegs gone. Snorkel gone, Uni filter and bottom plates gone on stock muffler. A little caveat on the lower plates. I plan on making new ones out of aluminum with slots and adding screens. Wright now i am mostly riding 98% asphalt. So don't beat me up to bad.

My next mods will be cutting a portion of the license plate bracket away and moving the reflector up below the plate. Then removing 2 to 3 inches off the front of the duckbill for highway stability. If that doesn't improve the high speed wobble i may resort to removing the wings next.

Signature: 2005 XR650L - Purchased 09/05. Emissions removed, snorkel pulled, UNI air filter, head pipes ported, 165 main jet Baja Designs, 5/32" drilled slide, fuel mix screw out 2 1/2 turns, Rear pegs removed, Seat Strap removed, License plate bracket shortened and reflector reinstalled higher, Front Fender trimmed 2 1/2" shorter with sides notched in, Handle bar mounted oil temp gauge w/sending unit.

Reply by Old dog on 02/28/2008 6:40:54 PM
Hi Folks! I've posted a pic of my "pre-mod" '06 XR650L in the XR650L Gallery section. Here are the mods I've done since that pic was taken (last fall).

Honda Red Clark 4.7 fuel tank (with XR forums wing mounts), Steahl bash plate, Acerbis Cyclops headlight, Oversized Moose Rear Fender Tool Bag, Baja Designs Smog Block Off Kit (XR forums), K & N Hi-Flow air filter, XR type Tail light, Crossbar Pad, Moose Front fender toolbar/tube bag, Moose Stainless Steel Double Wide Foot Pegs, Kooba Link lowering link, Front fork tubes slid up 1 inch. Dirt Skins Seal Savers, Acerbis Rally Pro Brush Guards with Dual Sport Spoilers, Numerous "go fast" stickers
~Terraflex 110/100 Rear Motorcross skin, Bridgestone Dual compound Motorcross front tire, Billet Aluminum Clarke Racing Ventless Gas Cap, De-balled stock levers, Superbrace front fork stabilizer, XRs Only Case Saver, Pro Grip lever grips, Corbin Seat, Self Bodged Stand Alone High Riser K & N Crankcase Breather, pumper Carb, NGK Irridium Spark Plug, Big Gun Evo-X exhaust, Pro Grip 790 grips.

Have, but haven't installed yet mods: iKat, Maier Plastic Front Disc/fork guard (black), Renthal Bars, Misc "other" Go Fast Stickers.

Reply by dieselfool on 02/28/2008 6:45:09 PM
Brand new 06 XR650L with 4 kms on the odometer as I write this. Just ordered smog block off kit and a XR-R style taillight. Let the mods begin.

Reply by whiplash on 02/28/2008 6:50:41 PM
02 with an XR's only pipe, hot cam, K&N, pumper carb, ported head, 4.7 clarke, eibach springs, 320mm brake, moose bars, fresh bore and a wiseco ,(gonna put motor back together today.)

Reply by alankulwicki7 on 03/03/2008 5:59:17 PM
I've got a 2003 XR650L. I bought it 18 months ago after deciding my 1994 XR250L just did not have enough oomph on the freeway.

Here's are the mod's on my XR: Clarke 4 gallon tank, Smog pump removed, Snorkel removed, K&N filter, Dave's carb mod's with 55 pilot and 160 main jets, Super Sport rear rack, GIVI 38L top case, Kenda K761 tires (front and rear).

This summer I'm planning on putting on a XR650R muffler thanks to some advice (and a muffler) from Kubiak. I can't wait until the snow melts to get out on the road again!

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XR650L Member Registry - Page 3

Post by 4Strokes » Sat Jun 04, 2016 11:45 am

Reply by TraneMan on 04/07/2008 5:43:04 PM
2007 XR650L Dynojet Stage One kit. 15/48 gearing.

Reply by serge on 05/06/2008 7:37:32 PM
02 XR650L 11000 mls all mods by PO: lowered, smog removed, foam in the seat replaced .

Reply by lonewolf62 on 05/12/2008 8:55:10 PM
2008 XR650L no mods

Reply by dirtrider5490 on 05/15/2008 05:14:52 AM
1999 XR650L normal mods see below, except i believe in Kustom. (dead pic link)

Reply by dualdude52 on 07/14/2008 11:37:15 PM
Hi! I'm new to this group and I just got an '88 NX650 with only 2000 mi. jeff I have no idea how to load a picture here, but when I figure it out I will!

Reply by magicalz on 07/16/2008 8:21:18 PM
2006 XR650L. So far smog off, UNI air filter. Baja skid plate and snorkel removed. Lots to do. Live to ride, ride to live

Reply by RideThePig on 07/22/2008 11:04:05 PM
2008 XR650L. Picked it up with 9 miles on it on July 10th. I traded in my Triumph for it when I realized that the only time I was having fun on the street was when I was doing something illegal. No mods so far, but I've got a Clarke 4.7 tank ordered. Looking forward to checking around the site more.

Reply by Eagleavn on 08/30/2008 11:14:04 AM
2008 XR650L BRAND NEW!!! Just bought it and love riding it, only have 200 miles so far. I just found this Forum and have enjoyed looking around. I live in Virginia any suggestions on riding locations would be appreciated.

Reply by fshnrob on 09/18/2008 10:40:05 AM
2001 XR650L with 7700 miles. Just bought it a week ago and love the BRP! Mostly stock for now but has a Supertrap Pipe, and a K&N air filter. Is there is anybody else in Central Tx?

Reply by pirus on 12/06/2008 2:11:21 PM
Black NX650 Dominator from 91, with "XR look"

Mods: Big headers and bigger exhaust; Wiseco 10.25 piston, bore 101mm; Hotcams Stage 1; Drilled carb Slide; Keihin Jets 58/165; Dynojet adjustable needle; K&N Cleanable Air filter; Led Blinkers; Led Taillight; Sprockets 15/43; De-snorkled; De-smogged; Iridium IX Sparkplug; Frame Painted (Shop)

Still needs: Oil cooler; JE piston 11:1; Head porting

Pictures: (dead pic links)

Reply by BRich73188 on 01/28/2009 09:30:03 AM
2004 XR650L Supermoto - Daves mods, 55-160 jets, FmF Q2, smog stuff gone, cyclopes headlight, EBC 320mm front rotor, USD fork conversion.

Soon to be: Fmf headers and Hot cams stage 1

Reply by DugW on 08/18/2009 06:44:15 AM
Climbing to over 8000, it's been a good year for riding. (dead pic link)

Reply by Aeroscott on 07/14/2012 08:55:57 AM
New to this forum, Just bought a 96 XR650L so clean you can eat off it. It had only 5005 miles on the clock when I got it, now close to 5500. it has been desmogged and has a k&n air filter, a small rack over the rear fender with a moose bag bolted to it. it pops a little on decel once in a great while so I don't think it has been re-jetted, I need to get a little bit louder exhaust (it's bone stock) as I can't hear the motor at highway speeds and with no tach, I need to hear it.

Reply by moosehead on 06/18/2013 4:26:26 PM
08 XR650L-Daves mods, 4.7 Clarke, DG exhaust, de-smogged and un-corked, uni air-filter, some trail riding, some pavement, mostly gravel roads.

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Re: XR650L Member Registry

Post by gggsatx » Mon Sep 05, 2016 10:17 am

Just finished all Daves mods,, did the 55/160.
Uni,Stock Muffler with Atv250r Baffle insert, Runs like a scalded Pig, I meant dog !! !!! Very happy with the results. 2-3rd gears wheelies no Problem now

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Re: XR650L Member Registry

Post by Plud » Tue Oct 25, 2016 6:16 pm

2016 XR650L... 0.8 miles on it, no mods yet but many planned.

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