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XR650L Interchangeability Parts List

Posted: Sun May 15, 2016 4:56 pm
by 4Strokes
Topic: XR650L Interchangeability Parts List?
Author: eeore39648
Posted: 11/02/2010 5:15:03 PM

Is there a XR650L interchangeable parts list?
I had a KLX250S and it has a very good interchangeable parts list.
Post up if you know of such a list!

Reply by eeore39648 on 11/05/2010 07:29:52 AM
Does anyone know of a forum dedicated solely to the XR650L?
Or website?

Reply by Admin on 11/05/2010 09:13:54 AM
There is no list here at There are several hundred topics on the subject however. That's why we encourage searching the forums, just as you would Google. You can also use Google to find other XR650L related information on the Web. The only XR650L specific Website that I know of is The Pig Pen, if it's still around. There are links to it in our Tech section but it might be easier to just Google it.

Reply by eeore39648 on 11/06/2010 08:47:18 AM
The Pig Pen is still around. If you need help on the XR650R!
Still searching for info Specific to the XR650L.
Anyone else have any idea's?

Reply by Reggie on 11/06/2010 1:03:55 PM
Nope,,I don't know of any list. If you want info on what you can swap around engine wise between them and XR/XL600s then just ask and someone will try and help.

Reply by eeore39648 on 11/07/2010 07:36:56 AM
Since there is no such list. This is a good thread to start one.
I hope you all will help, to contribute.

Reply by Admin on 11/07/2010 08:55:17 AM
That's a great idea, eeore!

That's how the XR650L Jetting, XR650L Oil Temp, XR650L HP Ratings, and XR650L Specs topics got started.

This sounds like it could be our next Contest... a prize from one of our Sponsors to the member that posts the most interchangeable parts, and of course to the member that came up with the idea.

Reply by jjones006 on 11/07/2010 1:23:43 PM
This is what I have gathered so far from stuff I have read but keep in mind that I have not confirmed any of it.

"engine-The XR600 from 91 on has many (most?) of the parts that can be swapped.

'91-00 XR600 front wheels may be the same(not rotors or rotor mounts), but rear hubs are not. '88-00 XR600 heads can be used on 650Ls with no changes. '88-00 XR600 engines will drop into 650L frames, etc.

carburetor- one from an '88-00 XR600 is a direct fit(I'm not sure about the cables, though) and one from a 650R will work also, but is a tight fit in the intake boot and needs different cables.

'88-00 XR600 engines are a drop-in. '85-87 XR600s and '83-87 XL600 engines will fit, but you would need to use the single carb head from your 650L, an NX650, or an '88-00 XR600.

The 88-89 NX650 has the XRL motor and it's gauge cluster has a tach. The tack runs off the signal from the CDI. If you have the stock XRL harness and the NX650 gauge you would splice a wire into the black and yellow wire that runs from the CDI to the coil. I've seen NX650 gauges on eBay but they are rare, and you can probably find an aftermarket one for cheaper.

stuff from the XR 600, that work on the 650L. Fenders-(probably would have to re-route the wire cluster on the front? also people have been bolting on crf230 front fenders.), aftermarket fuel tanks, exhaust cans, bash plates, aluminum frame guards (if you drill holes for the passenger peg mount holes to come through) sprockets, headlights?-(not sure what they are referring to because they are different sizes but maybe the whole thing will bolt on?)
Exhaust headers are interchangeable.
Cams are compatible.

'88+ XR600 uses the same cylinder head, cam, rockers, valves, springs, etc, as the 650L. There is nothing to be gained by swapping. The only difference is that the 600's head cover has a manual compression release over the right exhaust valve.

use the xr650r rear sprocket if you drill out(enlarge) the mounting holes.
2. Buy a M10>M8 reducing steel sleeve from McMaster Carr. They are a few cents apiece and they fit perfectly. I measured it with a micrometer and they sleeve the bigger L holes to the smaller 650R holes perfectly. The only issue is they are a tenth of a mm too long for the rad hubs, but I used the old L washers and it is thicker than the extra sleeve but still small enough of an opening for the 650R bolts.
XR600r and xr650L share sprockets.
the xr650r countershaft sprocket will not fit the L or XR600R.

XR650L header fits a XL600R. The XL600R stock header has just as big primary tubes as aftermarket header for a XRL.(White Brothers stainless steel larger??)

1990- 1995 XR250R and XR650L rear ends are the same.
The wheel and disc are. Caliper is prob the same.

part # for the XR600R slider (swingarm) and XR650L slider are the same and it is 91-on XR600Rs.

you can put the 2nd gear out of a '88 NX650 to close up the gap between 1st and 2nd.
The '89 NX650 has the same gearing as the XR650L.

sprocket from a CRF450 on the rear of a 650l. The pattern is the same, only difference is the 450 uses flat head bolts, 650l uses button head type bolt. the 450 has more sizes available and STRENGTHS available

tail light lens 650L is exactly the same as the one on the '84 XL185
The rear caliper on a 04 L is the same as the one on a 03 CR85RB, so anyone wanting a guard to protect the rear caliper order up one for a CR85RB.

right side plate (covers exhaust pipe) from a XR600r will bolt on.

oil filter 15410-KF0-315 is a very common filter for Honda, fits almost all xr's -XR250R, XR400R, XR650R, XR650L, XR600R, TRX300FW FOURTRAX 4X4, TRX300EX FOURTRAX 300EX, TRX350 FOURTRAX 4X4, TRX400FW, TRX300 FOURTRAX 300."

Reply by eeore39648 on 11/08/2010 11:00:29 AM
Thanks for sharing JJ!
Your aiming for the prize! LOL
Anyone else?

Reply by jjones006 on 11/08/2010 6:09:02 PM
I've been wanting a list of interchangeability for a long time,
I know that Honda re-uses lots of their inventory for other bikes.
so that is why I have been gathering bits and pieces for a while now.
I hope we can have some others pitch in.

Reply by eeore39648 on 11/08/2010 7:13:52 PM
Do you have the Honda part numbers, for the 55/158 Jets?
Doing Dave's mods. I would like the Honda numbers so that I can order from my dealer.
If you dont, does anyone else have them?

Reply by eeore39648 on 11/09/2010 09:56:20 AM
Thanks for sharing JJ!
Your aiming for the prize! LOL
Anyone else?

Reply by jjones006 on 11/10/2010 2:53:55 PM
I don't have any part numbers,
I always went in with the old jets in hand so I could match them up.

Reply by Admin on 11/11/2010 09:27:23 AM
Originally posted by eeore39648

Do you have the Honda part numbers, for the 55/158 Jets?
Doing Dave's mods. I would like the Honda numbers so that I can order from my dealer.
If you dont, does anyone else have them?
Perhaps a Honda dealer can cross Keihin jet part numbers:
  • Keihin jet part numbers for XR650L carburetor?
  • Confused on XR650L Carb mods and jetting
You may even find the Honda part numbers listed somewhere here in the forums. I know the Honda part number for a 175 main jet is 99101-357-1750 and a 68 pilot jet is 99105-MBN-0680 for the XR650R Keihin 40mm carb.

Reply by jjones006 on 11/11/2010 1:32:12 PM
the nut plus filter that goes in the front frame downtube. any 600XR/XL or 350 XR should work.

Reply by eeore39648 on 11/16/2010 04:35:22 AM
I have found the best way to get parts, is from a local dirt bike race shop. There they do internal engine modification, and machine work as well as repairs. They keep a stock of Jets for many carbs. A Honda dealer is best for OEM parts.
Uni Filter PN# NU4117ST $32.95 local Accessory cycle shop
Maier taillight PN# M05200 $21.95 local shop
Acerbis front, Super-moto, universal fender PN#14030024 $28.95 local shop
Acerbis Handguards Rally 2 PN#736306 Discounted price $56.00 local shop
None of my parts so far, have been bought from the dealer.

Reply by SpudRider on 01/02/2011 7:52:47 PM
The rear brake rotor for the XR650L has an outside diameter of 220mm. When replacing the rear brake rotor, the XR650L owner has a variety of options. The OEM Part number for the XR650L, rear brake rotor is #43251-KEA-000. However, this brake rotor is also listed under the following, Honda, OEM part numbers:


The equivalent, EBC brake rotor is EBC part #MD1004.

In addition, the rear brake rotor for the XR650L also fits the following Honda sportbikes:

CB 600 F 04/06
CBR 600 F2 91-94
CBR 600 F3/SJR/SE 95-98
CBR 600 F4 99-03
CBR 600 F4i Sport 01-06
CBR 600 RR/RRA 03-10
CBR 900 RR Fireblade 93-00
CBR 929 RR (929cc model) 00-01
CBR 954 RR 02-03
CBR 1000 RR/RRA 04-10
CBR 1000 RA/RAA 09-10
VTR 1000 F Super Hawk 98-05
RVT 1000 R (RC5I) 00-06

The XR650L, rear brake rotor is also employed by a Honda scooter, the 01-07 NSS 250/250 A/A5 Reflex.

I have tried my best to verify the accuracy of this information. However, if I have made any errors, please do correct me.


Reply by dman3998 on 01/02/2011 10:22:01 PM
this thread should be a sticky for sure.

Reply by jrsride2002 on 01/15/2011 1:56:33 PM
A long time ago I was REALLY strapped for cash, and a buddy of mine had downed his Suzuki TL1000... And found that his friction plates work in my XRL, i just used fewer plates... Like I said, strapped for cash!

Reply by Jonny Enduro on 03/26/2011 1:19:18 PM
Originally posted by jjones006

the xr650r countershaft sprocket will not fit the L or XR600R.
I read that the xr650r counter-shaft sprocket works on the xr650l by putting it on backwards, the R sprocket is wider and using it solves the problem of the L sprocket being loose on the shaft.

Topic: XR650L with XR650R CS Sprocket Protects CS Splines

Reply by SpudRider on 03/26/2011 5:00:08 PM
You're correct, Johhny. The XR650R countershaft sprocket will fit on the XR650L countershaft. Some XR650R, aftermarket sprockets are wider than others, so you might need to tap them with a hammer in order to attach the sprocket retaining plate.


Reply by ben314 on 08/07/2013 11:20:13 AM
I have a question that I believe is relevant to this (somewhat old) topic: Is there any reason why I can't swap everything off a 1993 XR600R and on to a 1990's XR650L frame?

Any input would be appreciated.

Reply by Bistineau on 10/30/2014 11:13:44 AM
Originally posted by ben314

I have a question that I believe is relevant to this (somewhat old) topic: Is there any reason why I can't swap everything off a 1993 XR600R and on to a 1990's XR650L frame?

Any input would be appreciated.
No reason in the world for NOT TRYING it. Have you started on it? If so, how did it go?

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Re: XR650L Interchangeability Parts List

Posted: Sun Nov 27, 2016 8:05 pm
by Hon duh
Does anyone no what year xr600 plastics would fit my 1995 Xr650 l. I am doing the battery relocation so want to put xr600 side number plates but I see different years have 2 bolts and some have 3 for the sides just curious if anyone can help me out so I don't waste money on the rong stuff. Thanks you

Re: XR650L Interchangeability Parts List

Posted: Mon Nov 28, 2016 5:34 am
by JoeRC51
The right side is identical , the left side '92 up fits.