CRF450R Top Speed?

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CRF450R Top Speed?

Post by 4Strokes » Sat May 14, 2016 10:16 am

Topic: crf 450 top speed?
Author: dustygeyer
Posted: 09/28/2004 6:49:49 PM

hey dose any one know how fast the stock crf 450r is. has anyone clocked it befor. i hear it goes about 130 km/h

Reply by CRF_rider on 09/28/2004 7:23:49 PM
I bet it goes alot faster then that, i had a crf150 and it did about 95km/h at max. I bought a crf250r just alittle while ago and i think it does around 130km/h give or take. so the crf450 would be nuts

Reply by dustygeyer on 09/28/2004 7:31:55 PM
AWSOME good thing for me

Reply by CRF_rider on 09/29/2004 7:17:13 PM
yeah, you should be flyin

Reply by HondaPower on 01/16/2005 06:26:37 AM
I have a 04 stock crf450r. My friend has a GPS that holds max speed on it so i put it in my pocket and went up the rode. With the stock noby tires i only had the balls to get it in the 3/4 throttle range becasue the head shake was so bad. When i stopped and looked at the GPS i almost shit my pants. I had hit 82.7 MPH and this is an onest to god statement.

Reply by doubleodevine on 01/16/2005 11:54:38 AM
i got on one and could not believe how much power that damn thing had. 80+ doesn't suprise me

Reply by RideRed on 01/17/2005 09:16:33 AM
Has anyone, including professional riders, ever taken any bike to top speed on a motocross track?

Reply by ThumperTDC on 01/17/2005 9:13:30 PM
I highly doubt it. I haven't even had my bike up to its top speed, not enough room where I ride to do so.

Reply by doubleodevine on 01/19/2005 06:18:09 AM
same here. i maxed out my 200 once, but i thought the piston was gonna blow out the head. got lost once on some trails, so we took this road that we thought we knew when i got the 500. i opened it up, but then the dirt turned to pavement, and there were some good sized potholes. the 500 scared me again and i had to back off!

Reply by Anthony.H522 on 01/25/2005 7:06:47 PM
96mph which is around 150ish kmh, thats pretty scary, i havent been anywhere near that speed yet, on the dirt you tend to pucker up your butthole on the change to 4th.

Reply by Hoofy on 02/02/2005 01:44:24 AM
I`m running 14/50 , How fast ? Flat out it makes the fences and gates come up and go pretty quick to put it politely ! That will be a nice feature on the X when I trade up..If I have time to look down ..

Reply by pure honda on 02/08/2005 12:45:18 PM
On the 2 mile stretch of dirt road from my house to where i work i had the 99 xr200r wide open when i am late(a cuple days a week) i have never had any problems like the piston wanting to blow out the head but then agian when i am going that fast i am occupied looking for something that could run out in front of me and send me flying. The only time going toped out scares me is in the spring before it gets new rocks put down and you can not go an inch without hitting a pot hole and it is real hard on the bike

Reply by colt on 08/11/2005 5:42:15 PM
i bought a GPS and put it in my pocket when i rode my dirtbike and i hit 5th gear on a dirt road and reached a speed of 70mph...

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