98 XR650L 2nd Gear Hesitation Question

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98 XR650L 2nd Gear Hesitation Question

Post by badian37 » Mon Dec 18, 2017 7:50 pm

I have a peculiar issue. My 98' XR650L is bored to 700 and is SM configuration. The CDI recently went bad in the middle of a ride. The bike felt like it was out of time and it seem to cut spark at the top of the rev right b4 switching gears. I replaced the CDI. The bike started up fine but I started noticing in 2nd gear that the bike would hesitate or "buck" and this would only happen in 2nd gear (throughout the rev spectrum) with louder than normal valve clatter. The valve clatter was throughout all gears and at idle. Upon inspection, all the valves were off and one had about 1/4" gap! I adjusted all the valves to spec and started up the bike. The engine sounds a lot better but I still have that 2nd Gear Hesitation/Bucking Bronco issue!

What do you think is the problem(s)?

Other Facts
  • The carb was cleaned a 3 weeks ago! (OEM Carb)
  • The valves are a year-old (from Bore Job)
  • Replaced Rocker Arms, Bearings and Camshaft - in June
  • Bike has 31K Miles
After I replaced the Rocker Arms, Bearings and Camshaft, the bike was a beast! It was quick off the line and had PLENTY of Torque! I put a 1000 miles on it between June and now! Once the CDI went bad, the bike runs like it's fat on gas and it does NOT have the performance or "pep" it had back in June.

What is going on here? I have thought about upgrading the a Mikuni TM-42 or TM-40 Flatside Carb but I was completely satisfied with the OEM Carb. I just want performance back to where I had it.

What do you guys think the REAL issue is and how to fix it?

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