1985 Honda XR350R No start?

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1985 Honda XR350R No start?

Postby 2Pilgrims1 » Thu Nov 01, 2018 1:11 pm

Put a new cam chain on my 1985 Honda XR350R. Went by the shop manual. Removed rocker arm cover, removed cam and cam sprocket, Removed right case, removed clutch, removed drive gear for oil pump, removed gear that drives pulse generator rotor, removed pulse generator, removed old cam chain. "It was stretched". Installed new chain and replaced all sprockets as they should be, gear that drives pulse generator can only go in one way. the pulse generator can only mount one way 2 bolt brackets and the 2 bolts. Installed cam sprocket into new cam chain, set cam sprocket with both marks aligned with head piston at TDC with T mark on crank. Cam chain tensioner works fine. Cam was set with lobs down. Set valve lash as per manual for both exhaust and both intake. I can smell gas on the plug so I know it's getting fuel. I checked the plug and it has a good blue spark. Won't even fart with a shot of ether into air box??? Anyone have any solutions will be greatly appreciated. Thank You

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