XR650L Carb Fuel Mixture Screw Mod

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XR650L Carb Fuel Mixture Screw Mod

Post by 4Strokes » Thu Jun 16, 2016 9:31 am

I was unable to find an aftermarket carburetor fuel mixture screw for my 2008 Honda XR650L that was long enough to keep me from getting burned every time I tried adjusting it because it is so close to the exhaust pipe. So I made my own easily and very inexpensively. It worked so well, I thought I would send it to 4Strokes.com to publish in their Honda Technical section for all to enjoy!

I had some extra tire valve stem caps that I had picked up at an inexpensive hardware/tool store for next to nothing. The knurled aluminum valve stem caps are long, making it easier to grip, and come in different colors like red, blue, and natural aluminum silver color.
Directions to install valve stem cap on fuel mixture screw:
  1. Grind off the tab from the fuel mixture screw, as show in the "XR650L Carb Mods" article.
  2. Mix up some two-part epoxy and run a small bead around the end of the fuel mixture screw and push the valve stem cap on. Twist the cap while slowly pushing the fuel mixture screw into it will help distribute the epoxy evenly inside, and create a nice bead at the edge when you are done. You will have plenty of time to make sure that the fuel mixture screw is situated perfectly straight in the cap before the epoxy mixture cures.
Tip: A tiny dab of blue (NOT red) thread-lock compound on the threads of the fuel mixture screw will help keep it from turning on its own if the threads are loose. A small lightweight coil type spring between the fuel mixture screw and carb body will accomplish the same.

Credits: Article submitted by Brian Farewell and edited by 4Strokes.com.

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Re: XR650L Carb Fuel Mixture Screw Mod

Post by billsxr » Fri Jul 01, 2016 5:10 pm

Nice... I'm pulling my carb tonight and adding a dynojet kit. Going to take a drimmel and cut the bowl flange so I can get the fuel adjustment needed.

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