XR650R Cold Starting Procedure

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XR650R Cold Starting Procedure

Post by 4Strokes » Fri May 13, 2016 2:12 pm

Honda XR650R Cold Starting Procedure by Ken A. Moore
  1. Do not twist the throttle, no matter what you think or feel, or you will flood it.
  2. Choke full on, ignition off.
  3. Pull in compression release and kick the engine 4 kicks. This primes the engine.
  4. Ignition switch on, choke on. Slowly kick the engine until TDC (the hard spot), then stop.
  5. Pull in the compression release and gently push the kick leaver so the engine is just past TDC, then stop. Release the compression release lever.
  6. Now give her a nice firm kick of the kick starter. Don't touch that throttle! She should fire up. If not, go back to #4.
  7. Move choke to 1/2 position. Don't touch that throttle!
  8. After about 60 seconds turn off the choke. Don't touch that throttle!
  9. After about 2 minutes and the engine is getting warm, you may now slowly twist the throttle but go easy until fully warmed up.
For warmer conditions use 1/2 choke for initial startup. For engines that are already warmed up, go just past TDC and kick with no throttle. Make sure the air/fuel screw is adjusted correctly and the idle is a little on the high side for a little easier starting on cold days, then turn it down after warming up.

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