XR650L Smog System Removal

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XR650L Smog System Removal

Postby 4Strokes » Fri May 13, 2016 11:37 am

I used info from 4Strokes.com and instructions from an IMS Smog Block-Off Kit to remove the smog equipment and oil separator from my '95 XR650L. I took the following pictures and made notes. Hope it helps you!

Note: Removing the oil separator is optional. If removed you may see oil in the airbox, and a fair amount depending on how hard the bike is ridden. See procedure 24 for details.

Colored text corresponds to that color text in the photo.

Smog Pump & Oil Separator
1) Remove smog pump and oil separator. Two 10mm nuts allow removal of smog pump. Smog pump. Oil separator.

Smog Equipment Removed
2) This is the goal. The finished product with all smog equipment removed.

Remove 5mm Bolts
3) Remove these 5mm bolts then install the IMS block-off plates in there place. Front view of smog pump.

Smog Block-Off Plate Location
4) Remove allen bolts and pull tubing from each side of head. Install 2 blockoff plates reusing hardware. I put liquid gasket on plates before installing them.

Right Smog Block-Off Plate
5) Right smog block off plate. Remove 2 bolts and install blockoff plates reusing hardware. Left smog blockoff plate.

Right-Front Smog Block-Off Plate
6) Right-front smog block-off plate location. Photo taken from behind front wheel.

IMS Smog Block-Off Kit
7) IMS Smog Block-Off Kit.

Smog Tube Removal
8) Remove metal smog tubes from front of head. Left side shown. T-handle allen wrench or socket is needed here.

Smog Tube Bolts Removed
9) Both bolts removed from left side of head. Both sides must be unbolted to remove smog tubes.

Smog Tube Free of Head
10) The four allen-head bolts are removed and the smog tubes are free from the head.

Smog Tubes & Air Pump
11) Smog tubes and air pump removed. Remove 4 allen bolts and two 10mm nuts for the assembly.

Installing IMS Block-Off Plate
12) Install the left-side smog block-off plate. I used hi-temp liquid gasket maker to seal it all up.

Smog Pump Bracket
13) This is the smog pump bracket located under the pump itself. Remove it by removing two 10mm bolts.

Right-Side Block-Off Plate
14) Right side smog block-off plate installed.

What it Should Look Like
15) Removal of the oil separator. Smog pump hose will be shortened and attached to trany case.

Slide Oil Separator Up
16) To remove the oil separator, slide it up and off the metal mounting strap.

Transmission Vent
17) Pull hose from oil separator and smog pump, cut to length, reattach, and run between trany vent and airbox.

Airbox Vent Hose
18) Pull top airbox vent hose. Pull air box vent connector. Insert large rubber plug in hole just created.

Airbox Vent Plug
19) Large rubber plug inserted.

Oil Separator
20) The oil separator and all of its hoses detached.

Carb Vent Hoses
21) Carb vents may differ per year. Remove hose and plug T-connector. Remove smog pump from bike.

Carb Vent Hose
22) Close-up of other end of hose at the T-connector.

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