XR650L Spring Rates per Weight

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XR650L Spring Rates per Weight

Post by 4Strokes » Tue May 17, 2016 2:42 pm

Suggested spring rate per rider weight for the XR650L

Sag - Fork 130mm - Shock 85mm

Stock - Fork 0.42kg - Shock 9.3kg
140lbs - Fork 0.39kg - Shock 10.3kg
160lbs - Fork 0.41kg - Shock 10.7kg
180lbs - Fork 0.43kg - Shock 11.1kg
200lbs - Fork 0.44kg - Shock 11.5kg
220lbs - Fork 0.46kg - Shock 11.9kg
240lbs - Fork 0.48kg - Shock 12.3kg
260lbs - Fork 0.49kg - Shock 12.7kg
280lbs - Fork 0.49kg - Shock 12.7kg
300lbs - Fork 0.49kg - Shock 12.7kg

Spring rates meant as reference. Consult your service manual or suspension service center for exact rates.

Spring Rates per Rider Weight for Other XR Models:

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