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Honda Technical Tips

Post by 4Strokes » Thu Jun 16, 2016 6:39 pm

ATC/TRX 70 No Spark
Try bypassing or grounding the neutral indicator switch. There's a light green wire coming from the stator area. Unplug and leave the stator end free and ground the other end to the frame. -G. Fekete

CRF450R Oil Level
When the oil gets low in a CRF450 the kick-starter will start to jump forward as the idle gear starts to seize. It is important that 600cc's of oil is kept in the trany. The oil check hole is known to be 200cc too low so the oil should always be measured when filling from empty. -Motocross Action

Headlight / Front Number Plate
If you don't care to use the stock headlight /front number plate, you can adapt a Suzuki RM front number plate easily enough. Don't forget to drill holes to allow air for the oil cooler. -MotoLappa

MX Rear Fender
Several plastic manufacturers are now producing motocross style rear fenders for the Honda XR.

Safety Interlocks (XR650L and others)
If your bike won't start or dies when it goes into gear, check the safety interlocks by disconnect the 2 wires going to the clutch lever switch, short together and connect to ground. This bypasses the clutch, neutral and kickstand safety switches. -Dave

XR Carb Float Level
Limit the downward (opening) stroke of the float by bending the tang rearward (so it hits against the post that holds the right side of the float pin). Adjust it so the float swings open a max of 19mm. This will prevent the float from displacing excessive fuel into vent lines and starving the engine off jumps and severe whoops.

XR Rear Wheel Adjusters
If you jump your XR a lot you can collapse the rear wheel adjusters. To prevent this Robert suggests welding two together. Keep in mind if you do both sides the axle nut may not fit. -Robert

XR400R Baffle Mod
Remove baffle from spark arrester. Cut 3/4" thin wall pipe ~ 4" long. Weld a washer to the end of the pipe. Make the outside of the washer fit the inside of the spark arrestor. Drill holes in the new pipe. Buy a new longer set screw to wedge the new baffle. This mod gives more bottom-end snap and is less noisy than no baffle. Mod by Bruce Doenz, submission by Aaron Duncan

XR400R Head-Pipes Mod
Remove the head-pipes and use either a grinder, Dremel or send to a machine shop and cut back the welds. Not too much to weaken the joint but enough to increase flow. This will improve top-end. -Barney

XR400R Fork Spring Rate
The standard fork spring rate on most XR400Rs is .39kg (~.38kg measured). You might have better luck with heavier springs in the area of .42kg-.46kg, depending on your weight and riding style.

XR650R Radiator Guards
Richard recommends not removing the factory radiator guards on the XR650R, as he has tried a set of aftermarket aluminum guards and noticed no improvement and even slight overheating at low speeds. -Richard Ranz

XR70R Shift Lever
If you break an XR70R non-folding shift lever, an XR200R folding lever can be used. We have a '98 XR70R and a '99 XR200R. When the lever broke on the XR70, we tried the XR200 lever and it fit perfectly! It may work on the XR100R. -Dale Frahm

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Re: Honda Technical Tips

Post by Jeff » Sat Apr 13, 2019 8:08 pm

Silly question but what air pressure is commonly run front and rear in the stock tires? 2008 650L with just under 1700 miles. Also can anyone recommend a way to dampen handlebar vibrations, after about 10 miles my throttle hand is almost numb. Love the bike but it is very top heavy.

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Re: Honda Technical Tips

Post by JoeRC51 » Fri Aug 23, 2019 9:20 pm

22 PSI.

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