RockGardn Sports Flak Jacket

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RockGardn Sports Flak Jacket

Post by 4Strokes » Tue Mar 21, 2017 2:31 pm

Since I became a serious rider back in late 80s, I have worn chest protectors, and have done so whether I was riding track or trail. Nothing hurts worse than getting whacked across the chest by a tree branch or getting hit by a rock that was thrown by the tire of a rider out in front. Chest protectors have also saved me on those occasional get-offs where I happened to land on my upper body, usually my shoulders and elbows.
This biggest complaints with chest protectors are ill fitting and cumbersome. So when RockGardn Sports asked us to evaluate its award-winning Flak Jacket, we jumped at the chance!
Flak Jacket specs according to RockGardn Sports:
  • All-new chest plates that are wider, stronger, offer enhanced airflow, and minimize exposure at the zipper.
  • New open mesh fabric keeps you cool, but is still comfortable enough to be worn directly against the skin.
  • New PVC-coated mesh kidney belt allows maximum ventilation yet retains our signature stash pocket for keys, etc.
  • Back Slider is now removable, and can be attached to our 2006 Flak Vest to extend your armor options.
  • 4-point shoulder adjustment straps have been redesigned to offer the maximum amount of adjustability for a tailored fit.
  • Adjustable length arms and removable elbow/forearm guards. The Flak Jacket can be worn as a full jacket, short-sleeve jacket, or just the elbow/forearm guards themselves.
  • Landing Zone™ elbow/forearm guards act as direct replacements in the event of loss or damage.
RockGardn Sports Flack Jacket (as delivered)
We received the RockGardn Sports Flak Jacket in a huge clear zip-lock type bag that could easily be reused for carrying or transport if needed. The Flak Jacket has a mesh body, full-length zipper on the front, plastic armor panels, including a back slider / spine protector, removable elbow / forearm guards, and an integrated kidney belt. The spine protector and kidney belt are integrated and can be removed by unzipping two zippers and unfastening the adjustment straps which attach it at the shoulder guards. The forearm / elbow guards are removable through the use of a hook-and-loop fastener which attaches them to the shoulder guards. Our Flak Jacket came with a couple spare fasteners and strap-stops.
RockGardn Sports Flack Jacket Evaluation
We evaluated the RockGardn Sports Flak Jacket with a turtleneck thermal and a standard motocross style jersey. Note: In our photos below, the Flak Jacket is shown on the outside of the jersey for illustration purposes only. RockGardn Sports recommends wearing the Flak Jacket under a jersey and optionally over an undershirt. Initially when donning the Flak Jacket, we thought that we might experience some binding in the shoulder area but once it was adjusted properly there were no problems at all. After saddling up and heading out, we were pleasantly surprised by the comfort and flexibility of the Flak Jacket. It did not move around and after a while, we did not even notice it was there. We did not have any problems with the elbow/forearm guards restricting circulation either. The spine protector is beefy enough to keep any front wheel from making skid-marks on your back as well as keep you protected should you happen to get-off and land on your back.
RockGardn Sports Flack Jacket Cost & Availability
At the time of this Review, cost on the RockGardn Sports Flak Jacket was $183 (USD). When compared to the combined cost of a quality chest protector, elbow guards, and kidney belt, that is extremely reasonable. The Flak Jacket is available in sizes ranging from Small to 2XL (38"-52" chest size) and can be ordered directly from RockGardn Sports' Website. As always, do not forget to check availability and current pricing when contacting RockGardn Sports. Rating - 1 2 3 5
It is obvious that an extreme amount of thought went into the design and construction of RockGardn Sports' Flak Jacket, making it a high-quality, high-value, piece of protective riding gear. If you are any kind of serious rider or race, you owe it to yourself to take a look at the RockGardn Sports Flak Jacket. We gave it a near perfect rating of 4½ out of 5.

RockGardn Sports
1776 Lathan Ave
Camarillo, CA 93010
Phone: 1-805-504-1583

Credits: RockGardn Sports Flak Jacket evaluation, photos and initial review performed by Franklin Marino. Final editing and publishing by Originally published on or about 6/16/2006.

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