Gaerne RX Pro Motocross Boots

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Gaerne RX Pro Motocross Boots

Post by 4Strokes » Tue Mar 21, 2017 11:45 am

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Gaerne RX Pro Motocross Boots

Like most motocross boots, Gaerne hand craft their RX Pro motocross boots in Italy. The RX Pro model is meant to be a low budget, good quality motocross boot with a price-point a weekend warrior can afford.

The top grain leather used in construction is a little on the thin side but the Gaerne RX Pro motocross boot still offers more protection then a pair of hiking boots.

The Gaerne RX Pro motocross boots have a plastic injection molded shin plate to protect those oh so vulnerable shins. They also have a leather heat shield to help protect your legs from a hot engines and pipes. A very durable ankle pad protects your ankle bone. And, on the inside is bio-foam padding for comfort.

The four fully adjustable plastic buckles on the Gaerne RX Pro motocross boots are replaceable and that's probably a good thing because they are a little on the wimpy side. The bottom two buckles are replaceable via screws and the top two are pop riveted so their replacement would be a little more involved.

The soles are claimed to be long wearing but yet are still replaceable. The replacement of the sole would have to be done by a good shoe repairman, as they are stitched on. There are no user-replaceable sole inserts where your foot pegs would dig in. The toe guard is screwed on so replacement of it would be very simple if damaged.

The Gaerne RX Pro motocross boot is available in adult sizes only, from size 6 to 13. Break-in time was extremely minimal and that's probably do to the fact that the leather is so thin.
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Fit: We would like to stress that the Gaerne RX Pro motocross boot is made for those riders with LESS THAN average size calves. It is unlikely that they will fit anyone with average or above average size calves, especially if worn with thick socks and tucked-in motocross pants. On the other hand, the toe-box is roomy and the heel fits good.

Finish: As we mentioned earlier the top grain leather on the Gaerne RX Pro motocross boot is on the thin side. In addition, we think the strategically placed plastic guards will do little to keep your foot and ankle supported in a severe crash.

Retail Price: At the time of this review, list price on the Gaerne RX Pro motocross boots is $179.95. Rating - 1 2 3 4 5
We feel the Gaerne RX Pro motocross boots are average, and that's probably stretching it. We also feel the negative items far outweigh the positive. There are two safety items that you should never skimp on, and that's your helmet, and your boots. With that said, we gave the Gaerne RX Pro motocross boots a not so good rating of 2. Originally published on or about 4/22/2003.

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Phone: 661-257-3386

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