Scotts Performance Ultimate Control System

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Scotts Performance Ultimate Control System

Post by 4Strokes » Wed Mar 08, 2017 10:22 am

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Scotts Performance Steering Damper
- 3 separate fully adjustable circuits
- On-the-fly adjustment of low to mid damping
- Eliminates headshake and reduces rider fatigue
- Works for all riding styles including Motocross
- Easily moved to from one bike to another

The Scotts Performance steering damper operates in the same principal as forks except in a horizontal method. The steering damper reacts to horizontal impacts that are transmitted through the fork and top triple clamp. The steering damper has internal hydraulic valving that absorbs the impacts that would otherwise have been transmitted to the bars. The Scotts Performance steering damper provides three separate fully adjustable damping circuits, with the low to mid circuit being fully adjustable on the fly. Motorcycle suspensions were designed to handle vertical movement only, the Scotts Performance steering damper completes the suspension system by controlling unwanted horizontal impacts as well. Scotts Performance is the originator of steering damping technology and still produce the finest steering damper on the market today!
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Answer Pro Taper Taperwall Aluminum Bars
- Reduces rider fatigue
- 30% lighter and 45% stronger with more torsional strength than conventional bars
- Built in shock absorbing flex
- Shot peened, hard anodized Easton EA70 alloy

The Answer Pro Taper taperwall aluminum bars offer more shock absorbing flex and torsional strength over conventional bars due to do their taperwall construction and over-sized clamping area. The Answer Pro Taper bars are 45% stronger and 30% lighter than conventional bars due to their design and construction of Easton EA70 alloy. The finish on the Answer Pro Taper bar is stress relieved shot peen with hard anodize for unmatched durability and longevity. Answer is the originator of the taperwall handlebar construction and the Answer Pro Taper bars are the finest taperwall bar on the market today!
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Scotts Performance Billet Top Triple Clamp
- Precision machined from billet aluminum
- Trick titanium color anodize finish
- Strong and lightweight
- 1.125" bar clamping area required by Pro Taper bars

The Scotts Performance billet aluminum top triple clamp is precision machined from high quality aluminum alloy to exact specification per model and anodized in a trick looking titanium color. In addition, the Scotts Performance top triple clamp offers the increased bar clamping diameter of 1.125" required by the Answer Pro Taper bars. The bar mounting clamps are available in many offsets to satisfy any size rider or riding style.

Installing the Scotts Performance Ultimate Control System
The Scotts Performance steering damper comes with either a bolt-on or weld-on control arm tower. Obviously, the weld-on tower requires some welding skills or you will need to take your bike to a reputable welding shop. Otherwise, the entire Ultimate Control System with bolt-on control arm tower can be installed in just one evening by any mechanically inclined individual using just basic hand tools. For this review we installed the Ultimate Control System with the bolt-on control arm tower on a Honda XR400R.

Performance and Testing
With the Ultimate Control System by Scotts Performance and Answer Racing you will experience less rider fatigue for a more pleasurable trail ride. It will also increase your endurance, stability and confidence in the woods riding, desert or motocross. Rating - 1 2 3 4 5
The Ultimate Control System by Scotts Performance and Answer Racing can be installed in just one evening by any mechanically inclined individual. All of the components are very high quality and very functional, especially the Scotts Performance steering damper. The majority of the overall rating was derived from the end results, and it was simply outstanding! We gave it a perfect rating of 5. Originally published on or about 3/30/2003.

Answer Racing
21021 Soledad Canyon Rd #509
Santa Clarita, CA 91341
Phone: 800-840-3040

Scotts Performance Products
2625 Honolulu Avenue
Montrose, CA 91020-1706
Phone: 818-248-2453

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