BMW G450X First Ride Review

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BMW G450X First Ride Review

Post by 4Strokes » Sat Jun 18, 2016 11:14 am

Well, sorry this wasn't sooner. We've had it for a week in our showroom, but I've had a rough week. Anyways, I popped 'er out of the crate last friday, checked her over and got it fired up. Everything seems ok. Intake snorkel goes through the right radiator shroud, interesting, no good for roost from other bikes and water spraying up when doing creek and river crossings, but oh well. The air filter is behind the radiator. Which the radiator is one piece with a fan! Smart thinking, how many times have you been riding your new style 4-stroke in tight woods and have it overheat? Finally a solution. So the air filter is easy enough to remove, pull the right radiator shroud, pop the clips and pull it out. The battery is tucked in behind the steering head of the frame. a little YTZ7S in there, helps out the electric start. No kicker on this puppy. The BMW G450X comes with Metzeler 6 Days Enduro tires. 5 bolts to remove the seat, not cool. The gas tank is under the seat, so there is a cap right at the back of the seat, with a plug to cover the cap while riding. Weird.

So now to the fun part. As it comes from the factory, it's setup for street riding, well dual-sport, if you will. Full lights, mirrors, except the tires are non-DOT. So as it is in this state, 41HP. There's a blanked off plug on the right side of the frame, the BMW G450X comes provided with a grounded wire to insert into this plug. What this does is gives you 11.3HP. Yes, you'll be running a full 52.3HP with that plug. So as from the factory the bike is programmed with fuel mapping to suit dual-sport riding and retarted ignition timing, to help it to not overheat in traffic and such. Extended running of the BMW G450X with the plug in will cause damage to the catalytic converter in the muffler. So it's recommended you purchase the aftermarket Akrapovic slip-on muffler ($1300). So, we all rode it with the plug out. Totally falls on its face with any means of decent throttle, gutless and non responsive. As soon as you pop the plug in, it's a whole new bike. The throttle response is much crisper and smoother. Increased torque significantly throughout the rpm range. It pulls like a Japanese 450 enduro bike. It'll take a little to set the suspension up with the 45mm Marzocchi forks and the fancy rear Ohlins. All in all though, I think with the plug in, full Akro Ti system and tuned suspension, this could be a serious contender in the offroad 450 market. Price is right, power is awesome, package is great, only thing left is the reliability of the electrics. Oh, by the way, it comes with a 3-year Unlimited Mileage Warranty. Yes, sounds good, wait till you see the maintenance schedule for it. I'll hopefully get some pics and a decent offroad ride when our sales guy decides on when to put one on the road, well dirt.

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