Ducati 695 TerraMostro Dual Sport

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Ducati 695 TerraMostro Dual Sport

Post by 4Strokes » Tue Jun 14, 2016 4:03 pm

You may be wondering, what is a Ducati 695 TerraMostro? A Ducati 695 TerraMostro is a dual sport or multi-purpose motorcycle made by a company called Terra Mostro in Brentwood, CA USA. Terra Mostro takes brand new Ducati 695 Monsters, does a complete conversion, and sells them to the general public for less than the cost of a brand new BMW HP2, and the TerraMostro includes a second set of wheels for Supermoto or Motard. Terra Mostro has done a ton of research and development putting the Ducati 695 TerraMostro together, and I am very impressed that it actually works off-road.

The Ducati 695 TerraMostro I raced has Kayaba forks, 18"/21" Excel rims, swing-arm lengthened and strengthened, rear sets completely changed, addition of a skid plate, and so much more. Being very nimble, it feels more like a CRF450 compared to my HP2. The only change that I made to race it was gearing. I went to a 50-tooth rear sprocket from the stock 42 and dropped the countershaft 1 tooth, from 14 to 13. That gave me a maximum top speed of 100mph, which is all I needed for Pikes Peak. But what a difference it made for off-road riding. From my suggestion, all new TerraMostro bikes will have this gearing.

Part of what I did for Terra Mostro was to make a documentary about this adventure. I rode the Ducati 695 TerraMostro from my home in Malibu, CA to Pikes Peak, put numbers on it when I arrived, raced it in the Premier Class (750 Pro), and then rode it all the way back home in 22 hours. We are editing and doing the post production now for a December premier at the Peterson Automotive Museum. Considering we were down on horsepower against the factory Aprilia, Husqvarna and KTM teams, and I probably have 50-pounds on their riders (6'5" 230lbs), we did not do too badly for finishing inside the top 10.

The documentary features the Ducati 695 TerraMostro, but it is not really about the bike. The documentary is called "The First, Last Race" and deals with the mindset of professional stuntmen and racers and why we continue to do these things. I recently had a total knee replacement with over 17 operations total on my knee. A month before leaving for Pikes Peak, I broke my fibula. Prior to the race, I made the decision that it would be the last time I race and do things like this. All I can say is Terra Mostro is building me a 1000cc version of this bike for next year's Erzberg Rodeo in Austria.
TerraMostro at Pikes Peak
TerraMostro and CO mountains
Jeff tucked-in on TerraMostro
Jeff on TerraMostro in CO
Jeff power-slidin at Pikes Peak
Jeff flat-trackin the TerraMostro
The TerraMostro off road
Jeff with the Ducati pit girls
Credits: Article written and submitted by Jeff Jensen. Edited and published by 4Strokes.com.

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