Removing Bubbles from Graphics

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Removing Bubbles from Graphics

Post by 4Strokes » Thu Jun 02, 2016 1:54 pm

Topic: Removing air bubbles from vinyl? (decals)
Author: SHea
Posted: 09/04/2004 11:19:40 AM

Hey, I put down carbon fiber design vinyl on my side number plates. There are a couple of air bubbles I cant get out by poking holes in them, Does anyone know any good tricks or tips on removing these air bubbles?

Reply by XFarme on 09/04/2004 11:58:12 AM
The real trick is putting them on very slowly so as not to have any... But once they are under there and you have pressed on the sticker, there is no real good way to get them out... A tiny slit with a NEW (for the sharpness) razor will get them out, but it sometimes leaves a little bump where they were... A pin prick sometimes works, but it usually leaves a bigger bump than the razor will.

Reply by doubleodevine on 09/04/2004 3:25:01 PM
when i tint windows, i have 3 main tools: SHARP razor, putty knife, and a heat gun. if the bubble is on the edge of the vinyl, cut a single straight line down the middle of the bubble, take the heat gun and put a little bit of heat on the bubble and try to take the putty knife to push the air through the razor slit by pushing in from each side. if it is a bubble in the middle of the vinyl, try to cut an 'X' on top of the bubble, take the heat gun, and do the same thing. cutting just a single line in the middle can sometimes work, but it may leave a crease. there really is no good way to do this, because either way you will still have a small imperfection mark, but thats the best i can offer. the purpose of the heat gun is to heat the vinyl and in the case of window tint, it shrinks the film to the window and makes the backing sticky so you can press the bubble out with the putty knife. a credit card or other straight edge may work instead of a putty knife but i like them because they are soft and are less prone to scratch your finish. i hope this helps. steve

Reply by SHea on 09/04/2004 6:41:03 PM
Thanks for the help, I got most of them out. Everyone should try this (carbon fiber design stickers) is looks really good on black plastic. I have another question, is there any way to get it to stick better? Or should I just let time do it's job and it will eventually stick better to the plastic? I used a heat gun and that helped a lot, but the previous owner of the bike covered the air box with the same material ( check sig. pic.) and it's stuck on there great.

Reply by doubleodevine on 09/05/2004 07:57:50 AM
the sun beating on it while you ride should help glue it to the plastic some more. also, try the heat gun one more time to see if that helps. eventually, it should stick pretty well just by leaving it alone. when you put tints on windows (sorry for continuing to refer to this but ive never done vinyl so this is the best example i have lol), you are supposed to leave the windows rolled up for 2-4 days so that the water/solution/adhesive between the film and the window can dry and evaporate. otherwise, the film will peel off when you put the window down. im assuming it will be the same with your vinyl, but since the adhesive holding it on the plastic is thicker than water and soap, it may take up to a week to set properly if you have it in a dry place.

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