Dirt Bikes for Short People

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Dirt Bikes for Short People

Post by 4Strokes » Wed Jun 01, 2016 2:35 pm

Topic: Dirt bikes for short people!
Author: K2Snow
Posted: 03/07/2004 10:49:36 PM

I'm 18 and have been cursed with my height. My parents are both short and I am about done growing at only 5'3''. I've always wanted a dirtbike but have had to settle with quads because of the high seat height on the bikes. Well today i finally rode a CRF250R and I absolutely loved it. I have to almost lean off of the bike in order to hold it up at a stop and I had to ahve the owner start it for me cause I couldn't figure out how to do it without touching the ground! I was out in the sand dunes which was rough for the first time riding a dirt bike. Didn't do too bad and found myself flying through the sand in 3rd gear and doing wheelies down the beach. Anyway, any solutions for a shorter rider? Bikes are just getting bigger and bigger, unfortunately I am not. The CRF250 seems ideal as far as power and weight, but it is so tall! The Yamaha's are even taller! Please help!

Reply by XR4DEZ on 03/08/2004 08:46:38 AM
You can have the suspension altered to fit you(for a price) and buy a bike with E start.

Reply by crf250x on 03/08/2004 12:13:30 PM
i'm 5-5 and have ridden full size bikes all my life. you will get used to it after a while. you can raise the nuts on the center shock and will that lower the bike a little bit. also buy a crf250x with electric start. that will make a huge difference for you. don't buy Yamaha, their seat heat is taller.

Reply by K2Snow on 03/08/2004 2:45:40 PM
What exactly is the diff. between the 250R and the 250X? I ride the sand dunes primarily and plan on doing a lot of jumping. Also, I'd like to try the motocross track when I move out to San Diego.

Reply by crf250x on 03/08/2004 3:15:56 PM
the r is the race model. the x has a little lower gearing for trails, has electric start, headlight taillight and a little softer suspension. plus the x you get a green sticker in ca so you can ride year round. the r model you can only ride about 5 or 6 months out of the year. also with the r you will have to put a spark arrestor on it before you can ride anywhere except a track.

Reply by K2Snow on 03/08/2004 6:46:30 PM
I compared the specs on Honda.com and they seem almost identical. The X has a bigger rear sprocket, and a diff compression ratio but that is about it. Are both going to perform essentially the same as far as power goes out of the box? Only 22 pounds heavier, is the X going to be as easy to jump and throw around in the air or is it really meant to just be a trail bike. I can't see how it is very different at all other than the gearing. There is a 700 dollar diff between the two, is that just for the light setup and e start?

Reply by Keep Trickin on 03/09/2004 10:50:41 AM
Do your self a favor and get the R model you will like it much better. Its lighter a little quicker and to lower the seat height just take the seat cover off and shave the foam a little rather than buying a low seat saves money. To start it get your balance and stand on both pegs then jump down on the kick starter and then set your foot on the ground. You will really have to learn how to start it on the first or second kick though or else you might wear yourself out trying to start it. I personally haven't ridden the X model but i have ridden the R model. I imagine that you don't weigh much so you could soften up your suspension a little so it sags down when you sit on it. If you would ever get good enough to race track you would have a big advantage because of your weight. Hope this helps!!!!

Reply by crf250x on 03/09/2004 12:55:53 PM
i completely disagree with keep on trikin. I have ridden both the R and the X model. If you are going to ride the track 90 percent of your ridding then get the r. if you like to ride the trails and hill climb as well as the track get the X. Unless you are planning on actually racing, you don't need the R. i can ride my X on the track np problem. the suspension is great and i don't notice any weight difference. plus the electric start is awesome....and in California you get a green sticker.

Reply by K2Snow on 03/09/2004 2:03:16 PM
yea, i rode the R and it was amazing. again, i am primarily going to be riding sand dunes and desert (San Diego). the green sticker is a big deal too as I will be riding year round. why is the R red stickered? i thought all 4 strokes got a green. they are really coming down on this emissions crap. the R is definitely appealing because of the price if i could just get around the green sticker deal. the X and R are like exactly the same engine, how can the emissions be different?

Reply by crf250x on 03/09/2004 4:58:20 PM
the only full size bike that is green stickered is the crf250x. the xr's might be too i'm not sure. unless you buy a 2002 or older everything besides the x will be red stickered. the x and the r engines are a little different but the x has some kind of California emission thing on the right side of the bike that allows it to pass. you can probably take it off if you want. you will not be disappointed with the x trust me. i have been riding 250 2 strokes for 10 years and now i have the x. it is the best bike i have ever had. the price isn't much different then the r either. only a couple hundred different.

Reply by K2Snow on 03/09/2004 9:47:16 PM
That review had a lot of info, thanks. I'm still skeptical which will be better in the sand and for jumping. The 250X seems perfect, but it HAS to be able to go big ;) I'm gonna read a little more into it in a bit. Thanks again.

Reply by crf250x on 03/10/2004 1:37:29 PM
it should be able to go big no problem. the suspension is set a little softer then the r model but if you dicided that the suspension was too soft you could stiffen the suspension. to me that would be worth it instead of having a bike with perfect suspension right away but only being able to ride a few months out of the year. plus with the r you have to get a spark arrestor right away and it might be too loud with the stock pipe i'm not sure.

Reply by coffeebean on 03/26/2004 01:40:45 AM
I dont think you want to lower your rear shock like suggested that will effect your race sag and the bike will handle like crap. About the only thing you can do is like suggested before shave the seat foam an inch and a half and cut up to 15mm out of the sub frame where the triangle goes back down. If you find someone who is has a mig welder they can cut 15mm out of subframe and re weld it that shouldn't be more than $50. That should give you about 3 and a quarter inches. Ricky Carmichael is only 5'7 that should tell you something. Good Luck

Reply by Bubbualuke on 03/26/2004 5:41:11 PM
When was the last time you had to kickstart a flooded 4 stroke in the dunes near San Diego. Go with the X, electric start.

Reply by LilRed on 03/26/2004 8:16:16 PM
maybe one day manufacturers will make bikes that you don't have to be a giant to ride. one day...

Reply by SkullKid on 03/29/2004 10:48:19 AM
im waiting for that day to come to

Reply by crf250x on 04/08/2004 05:22:25 AM
how tall are you guys? i consider myself short at 5-5 but have no problem riding a full size bike

Reply by Stu on 04/08/2004 10:46:33 AM
I'm 5'5" and I don't really have any problems as long as I can get the proper race sag which will drop the seat 3-4". Don't know if lowering it (shaving ~1" of seat foam) will increase my confidence. May have to try that. I'm pretty accustomed to the height (tip toed at a stop) so it's not really a concern but if the seat is higher than around 37" I may be singing a different tune.

Reply by mxdreamer on 04/08/2004 11:20:20 AM
I just turned 14 and im 6'0

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