Rain Suit for Riding

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Rain Suit for Riding

Post by 4Strokes » Wed Jun 01, 2016 8:41 am

Topic: rain suit questions.
Author: cracked junior
Posted: 04/13/2006 8:20:11 PM

since gas is once again going to be over 3 dollars a gallon, its already over 2.75 around here. i am thinking about getting a rain suit. so that way i can ride to work in the rain with out getting drenched. my question is. do i need a fancy expensive rain suit or would a cheapy from Walmart work.

Reply by cdndrtbke on 04/14/2006 07:06:30 AM
i'm sure if the inside feels rubber-like, you should be fine. If it says 'waterproof' and it isn't, bring it back. i think something from Walmart would work. go for it

Reply by 4StroKen on 04/14/2006 7:05:17 PM
I used to wear a ski jacket and duct tape plastic trash bags around my legs.

Reply by cracked junior on 04/15/2006 5:23:43 PM
i went to Walmart last night. its 60 miles away so dont get up there very often so have to buy in bulk when ever i go up there. i got rainsuit for 29.95. its blue/gray. i would of got the red/gray but they only had smaller sizes in red. its a 2 piece, the jacket and pants. now i am wondering. do i put the hood over my head and then put helmet on. or do i just go with out the hood?

Reply by 4StroKen on 04/15/2006 9:02:31 PM
Put the hood over the helmet and post us a pic

Reply by cracked junior on 04/16/2006 7:36:22 PM
im not sure if the hood will fit over the helmet. it might be a stretch. the helmet is in the shop and i dont feel like going out there to retrieve it. maybe tomorrow night i will try it.

Reply by 4StroKen on 04/16/2006 9:59:30 PM
Dude, I was only joking. A street helmet would be good for the rain, leave the hood off.

Reply by cracked junior on 04/17/2006 6:06:17 PM
its not a street helmet. its a motocross type helmet. with the visor thats on top. then the v shaped chin bar. with out a visor. when ive been caught in rain. it did pretty good for not getting my face wet. that rain stuff hurts when your moving along pretty good.

Reply by 4StroKen on 04/17/2006 7:05:17 PM
The hood would just collect water...I think..

Reply by cracked junior on 04/17/2006 8:04:14 PM
i tried the hood over helmet. its not close at all. i tried helmet over hood. that could work but 2 problems. number one- have to find away to keep hood from falling down in the front, and blocking vision. number 2- with the hood under helmet, i can hear the hood making sounds when i move my head. and its blocking my hearing so i cant hear anything else. which i dont like.

so think i got 3 choices. dont wear the hood, just let it collect rain so i can drink it later, trim the hood down, while leaving enough to tuck it under the helmet to prevent water going down my back. and lastly, just live without being able to hear outside the helmet.

Reply by 4StroKen on 04/17/2006 10:38:14 PM
CJ, A street helmet would help you a lot, And as long as the collar on the rain jacket fits snug, you sould have but minimal seapage.

Reply by KingTutt on 04/19/2006 11:16:17 PM
You might try wrapping a towel around your neck to soak up the seapage. Either way, you're gonna get a little wet.
Careful on them wet roads. Wet knobbies leave much to be desired while stopping and turning.

Reply by 4StroKen on 04/19/2006 11:32:31 PM
You could put one of those wind shields on your bike like them other guys did and then install a window wiper

Reply by cracked junior on 04/20/2006 5:33:36 PM
no windshield for me. thanks though

Reply by C.C. on 04/22/2006 12:47:15 AM
I always rode with the same type of helmet, until one day I thought I would try my dads full face helmet. Wow, what a difference for highway riding and especially in the rain. No stinging, just have to deal with shield getting a little blurry from rain, but much better. Now I use a motocross type for mostly offroading and a full face whenever I'm commuting or riding for a extended time on the highway.

Reply by cracked junior on 04/23/2006 05:16:57 AM
maybe the next Sunday im not tied down. i will go shopping up at Kearney, NE, which is where Walmart is thats so far away. they have a good Kawasaki/Yamaha/Polaris dealer that is open on Sundays. yesterday on the radio i heard that they give a 10% accessory discount for having a motorcycle endorsement and buying on Sundays. so i will look at helmets. I wouldn't mind getting one of those Arais full face helmets that have the motocross look to them. but at 500 dollars. wowzers. its probably worth it but i dont have that kind of money.

Reply by 4StroKen on 04/25/2006 6:18:08 PM
A friend of mine just got a super motard helmet ... Dirt bike look with a full shield... killer looking!

Reply by cracked junior on 04/30/2006 4:40:24 PM
i got me a new helmet. its kbc brand. red with black/white stripes. so it roughly matches the 650l. i have put about 30 miles on it today. and i like it so far. my old mx helmet the hjc in the picture. has that visor and the wind would catch it and yank my head around. but this one dont do that. and the bug catcher face shield is nice too. no more bee stings to the face anymore. had that happen once. its got good venting too. got the mouth vent, 2 jaw vents. the 2 vents on top. and 3 in the back. the front vents are closeable. which is nice for them cold days.

Reply by 4StroKen on 04/30/2006 10:02:47 PM
Told Ya So!! Glad your dry now.

Reply by KingTutt on 05/01/2006 09:03:32 AM
Ya Jr, the duck bill visor always moves my head around at highway speeds. Been giving this some thought myself!

Reply by cracked junior on 05/01/2006 6:34:23 PM
ok, its a fact. i realy like this helmet. i went for a 4 mile ride tonight. mostly to town to get fueled up. its 2 miles to town. and another 2 back. on the way there. the bug shield, caught 8 bugs. that would of been on my face otherwise. everyone in the gas station was like it must be nice to get filled up only using 3 dollars. 44 miles on that tank, and filled up with 1.04 gallons. and the tank was off once during that. so im doing good on the fuel mileage

Reply by 4StroKen on 05/01/2006 10:16:11 PM
And just think of all the money you'll save on floss!!!

Reply by cracked junior on 05/04/2006 7:52:09 PM
well now i need to get a jacket. the jacket ive been using. has always been warm for them cool in the morning and warm in the afternoon days. but it didn't get warm this afternoon. i think the high was 50. so i wore it on my way from work. then my stomach started getting cold. i looked down, and my jacket is flapping off the sides, like it wasn't zipped up, but it was around my neck. so i pulled over. and my zipper had pulled apart. so now im looking at a riding jacket, with a stronger zipper.

Reply by cracked junior on 05/08/2006 7:00:09 PM
i broke down and bought actual motorcycle riding gear. last night i noticed that the right leg of the rain suit pants. was melting. not really melting. but ya know how rubber, when it gets hot, it shrinks, it was doing that shrinking. so maybe on a long ride, it would do something bad. so i was like that isn't safe. i got the ARC back country jacket and pants. the pant feature i like, is the bottom of legs is 2 pieces. there's inside piece that goes in your boots. and the outside leg shell that goes on outside of your boots. so nothing can get inside your pants, like water, mud and bugs. the jacket folds up into a fanny pack, so im hoping that the pants can be stored in the folded jacket. which would be sweet.

Reply by cracked junior on 05/23/2006 5:35:50 PM
i finally got to try out the rain suit tonight on way home from work. it was actually rather nice. i was a little warm but was dry as along as i didn't look down. if i looked down. the rain would go down the back of my neck. so now i wanna do it again

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