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Got my 79 XR185 plate today

Posted: Sat May 28, 2016 10:28 am
by 4Strokes
Topic: Got my plate today... (UT)
Author: DJ
Posted: 06/04/2003 1:33:51 PM

So I finally talked the Utah DMV into issuing me a new title for my 1979 XR185. Once it arrived in the mail, I took it down to my local DOL (Washington State) and quite easily got it registered.

Details: The UT title stated Trail/Dirt as the bike type, and when asked I simply stated that it was a dual sport. When the lady mentioned she couldn't see it on the computer, I told her it might be listed as an XL185 of the same year. Tada! Just had to sign a certificate of fact stating that I had owned the bike since 1990 (since I didn't have a bill of sale) and pay the sales tax.

I couldn't believe how easy this was. Of course, I was as nice and could be possible to the lady, which wasn't too hard as she was pretty cute!

Reply by Cracker on 06/04/2003 3:57:41 PM
Congratulations! Sure is great when goals become reality. Ride safely

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