New Helmet Cam Test Video

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New Helmet Cam Test Video

Post by 4Strokes » Tue May 31, 2016 6:08 pm

Topic: My new helmet cam test run video
Author: ThumperTDC
Posted: 07/04/2011 5:18:10 PM

Yesterday took the bike up to my inlaws to test my new contour HD helmet cam. The day was doomed from the get go. Was in the wrong spot while unloading my bike and it fell off the ramp, breaking the clutch lever and bending the shift lever. Still had a two finger stub on the clutch lever, bent the shift lever back and attempted to go for a ride. Shoot up to the track and could not believe at how much the stuff has grown in a month since I was last up there. Easy a weeks worth of work to get everything cut back. Run into 3 baby skunks crossing the trail.. mama was nowhere to be found so I got the **** outta there. Caught about a 3" log hiding under some vegetation and ate $#!t, knocking my muffler loose and later saw that I bent my subframe. Picked the bike up and went back to the truck to fix some things and steal the clutch lever/perch off of my wife's XR200 so I could finish one lap. With everything fixed I went out for one lap. Lost it on the grass section by the road, slammed into a tree with my helmet/helmet cam cutting the corner too close but managed to finish out the lap with only stalling it a couple of times.

Three part video I shot (had to break it down into 3 videos for ease of uploading:

One loop at my inlaws in total is 2.5 miles. The rain all spring and now the sun has made everything grow really fast. One month ago it was all open, now I have to go trim stuff back once again.

Reply by jjones006 on 07/04/2011 11:44:53 PM
Cool, I like the videos and the fact that you have inlaws with some property,I always like to ride where I know I have full permission to be there.

Reply by Admin on 07/06/2011 10:24:31 AM
Looks good, Thump! The only thing I might suggest is moving the camera view up a little so you see more of the trail. Looks like that front tire has a hard time staying on the ground.

Reply by ThumperTDC on 07/06/2011 11:43:10 PM
The camera came with a goggle strap mount (which I do not like very well) I have to still order the hard helmet mount. I had it what I thought was a good position.. oh well.

I have a new carb waiting to install that is 42mm. Its a stock carb off a polaris predator quad and is from what I understand to be a direct bolt on and is supposed to make a modified XR400 a screamer... we shall see how it goes, hopefully it makes the front tire even lighter

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