Newberg, OR: Beat my XR today

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Newberg, OR: Beat my XR today

Post by 4Strokes » Tue May 31, 2016 7:17 am

Topic: Beat my XR today.
Author: ThumperTDC
Posted: 06/24/2006 7:45:43 PM

Put in 50 miles today pretty much the same trails that I made the helmet cam video of. In the second video I made, I was on that trail and hit some loose rocks and got diverted right into about a 12" alder tree. I caught the tree right on left tie down mount with is bolted to my top triple clamp. Well my head light is fixed to it and it also took some of the force and didn't fair so well. My tie down mount was full of tree bark and and some of the innards of the tree. The force then knocked me over, this would have been great if I would have had my helmet cam on. Anyway its been along time since I have been on the ground while riding, and quite some time since I have kissed a tree. Just thought I would share my riding adventure that I had today. Time to find a new head light for my bike and go take some advil.

Reply by Hardcharger on 06/25/2006 09:16:39 AM
Any day of riding that you can come back from & are able ride another day is a good one.

Sounds like it was just a little miscalculation with (hopefully) not very catastrophic results. Just gives you more incentive to get back out there & ride more & maybe do another mod in the process. Too bad about not catchin' that on film, though. That way we could've seen the full extent of your getting up close & personal with nature...

Me? I'm just waiting to get back on 2 wheels again...

Reply by 4StroKen on 06/25/2006 11:34:29 PM
Glad to hear your ok. Those trails you got up there look like they would tire me out real quick. This tree hugging must of happened toward the end of the ride. ( such a big strappen man you are!)

Well get er fixed and get back on her.and have fun.

Reply by ThumperTDC on 06/25/2006 11:56:43 PM
It happened on the second trail we hit. I was moving along at a pretty good clip. Next thing I know is I had a tree infront of me. I had enough time to barely turn the bars so I didn't hit it square with the tire, I caught the left side of my bars on the tree which caused the front to turn to the left and sending me down for a soil sample.

Other then a cracked head light and a bent front brake line bracket she is ready to roll. Road about 8 miles today on the in-laws property. Here are some pics:
Reply by Sanosuke on 06/26/2006 06:04:07 AM
ThumperTDC, Wheres your boots?! :) Sanosuke!

Reply by ThumperTDC on 06/26/2006 08:29:10 AM
Wheres your glasses

Reply by 4StroKen on 06/26/2006 11:18:18 AM
Nice pics

Reply by 4Putter on 06/26/2006 12:53:25 PM
Nice air, big guy. You still gottit!

Reply by ThumperTDC on 06/27/2006 11:14:04 AM
Let me put your glasses on for ya, Sanosuke.

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