Went riding with the wife today

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Went riding with the wife today

Post by 4Strokes » Tue May 31, 2016 6:26 am

Topic: Went riding with the wife today
Author: ThumperTDC
Posted: 02/09/2006 9:49:48 PM

Here are acouple of pictures from the ride my wife and I went on today. It was only a short trip, but it was nice out and I was had to test out my new forks on my bike.

My wife on her XR200. Her first time on the bike in well over a year.
Some of me
We only rode about 11 miles, 4 of which were trails. We have had a ton of rain lately and most of the trails have been closed to prevent further damage. All in all it was a fun little trip.

Reply by Admin on 02/09/2006 9:58:02 PM
That is so awesome, dude! You're lucky. Did your wife have fun on the bike? Is she talking about doing some upgrades to her bike already?

Reply by ThumperTDC on 02/09/2006 10:09:09 PM
She's not talkin about any upgrades to her bike... But I am . She wont let me touch it other than to do the oil and air filter. I was kinda toying with the idea of installing my stock xr400 forks on the bike, but I would have to do some serious work to lower them, but she shot that idea down. When she was pregnant we sold her old supertrap off the bike to some friends of ours and took their stock pipe in trade. So probably the only mod I will be doing is installing a new pipe, and it won't be a supertrap (cause I really don't care for the sound). I still have the rear shock off of a 91 XR200 I am going to install since it is adjustable and the newer ones weren't. I may also get some aftermarket springs and valving for the forks since they bottom really easy. Ideally I would like to take the front end off a CRF230 and install it, but she would rather see the money going into other stuff rather than both of our bikes.. she just doesn't get it.

Reply by Admin on 02/09/2006 10:12:18 PM
LOL! :lol:

Reply by ThumperTDC on 02/09/2006 10:32:09 PM
She did well for not riding close to a year and a half. Did not fall once in the mud, but did say it feels like she is having to start all over again. Last time we went riding she was scootin along pretty good.

Reply by hilift on 03/03/2006 11:29:03 AM
Thump, what's all that green and brown stuff? And liquid water too! I kinda remember seeing something like it a looong time ago. Around my residence it's all that white stuff, traction is lousy but the falls are softer!

Glad you got to ride with the wife.

Reply by 4Putter on 03/03/2006 12:12:10 PM
Cool post, Thump. I did notice in one pic that the front forks looked pretty soft. She'd definately feel improvement if you did a mod or even new fork oil. Sweet trails. Later!

Reply by ThumperTDC on 03/03/2006 2:24:59 PM
Trust me I am working on her. She is talking about wanting to get new bikes. I am trying to talk her into making a custom XR/CR80expert 200 for her. I have a buddy that has the donor bike for sale pretty cheap and I would only need to buy the new frame. I think the out come would be cheaper and better than getting a CRF230 like she is kinda wanting. She seems to think that if I touch her bike its gonna break.

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