Crested Butte Colorado Ride

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Crested Butte Colorado Ride

Post by 4Strokes » Sun May 29, 2016 9:38 am

Topic: Crested Butte, Colorado ride
Author: corky
Posted: 08/22/2003 3:19:42 PM

Go here for pictures and description. Thanks for looking, Corky

Reply by bluestragler on 08/22/2003 4:12:32 PM
Thanks for sharing your Crested Buette ride with us. Would you recommend it for younger riders? Looks like one I might try with my younger sons.

Reply by SkullKid on 08/22/2003 6:06:03 PM
I am not the best rider in the world but I think that I have ridden much harder trails but I would love to try a trail where I do not have to work as much

Reply by corky on 08/22/2003 6:28:06 PM
Their are easy trail roads,and easy single track, lots of med type trails( C+& B), then some other butt puckering trails. What ever trails you ride in this area make sure the rider can go up hills and down hills. Everything is up and down. If the trail becomes to tough turn around and take another. As long as your riding all the trails are good. I would be nice if someone was along that knows the area. Good luck, Corky

Reply by bluestragler on 08/22/2003 8:28:28 PM
Thanks for the report corky. Any maps that you know of?

Reply by Trailryder42 on 08/23/2003 07:39:20 AM
Pete, check out Trails Illustrated maps #131 and 133. Derek

Reply by bluestragler on 08/23/2003 08:47:47 AM
Hey thanks Derek!

Reply by whyr on 08/26/2003 06:04:10 AM
I rode Crested Butte about a month ago. We rode most of the trails south west of Taylor Res.The trails I rode were all reasonable for most riders except the Star trail. The Star trail ends/begins at American Flag mountain. Star trail was around 9 miles of the most rugged trail that you could ride. It didn't matter how fast you rode. Fast or slow you'll feel pretty abused. I like technical trails so this was a cool challenge, but not everyone will enjoy this trail.

Reply by bluestragler on 08/26/2003 07:01:01 AM
Thanks whyr. That's good to know, especially with younger riders. I'm still hitting TX CK occasionally on Mondays if you want to try to plan a 4-5 hour ride again sometime. Weather is great and no one is ever there during the week. They've blazed a few new trails and there's a couple I've wanted to try when the kids aren't with me that might challenge us (at least me). Let me know if you get the time. Pete

Reply by whyr on 08/26/2003 12:16:44 PM
Rides during the week are not likely now that school is back in. There were some trails that were labeled "not maintained" on some maps. You may want to avoid these trails. The trails were hard to follow, especially in the deep woods,and the exposure on some of the hillsides(read cliffs) was very scary. The trails are best after some moisture. We had some real dusty conditions especially in the sunlit meadows. The woods were better. We were going to head back to Crested Butte when the weather starts to cool down and the rain and snow is more frequent.

Reply by bluestragler on 08/26/2003 4:22:45 PM
I'm in the opposite situation. I can now go on weekdays since the kids are in school. Oh well. Let us know how CB is. I'll probably be headed that way sometime in the near future. Thanks.

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