No Pass Sound Test = No Ride/Race

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No Pass Sound Test = No Ride/Race

Postby 4Strokes » Sun May 29, 2016 5:17 pm

Topic: No Pass Sound Test = No Ride/Race
Author: MotoVet
Posted: 11/10/2003 10:21:44 PM

CALIFORNIA OHV Noise Regulations

Pre 1986 : 101dbA
1986 on : 96dbA

COMPETITION OHV's (not manufactured to meet EPA or CA emissions )
pre 1998 : 101dbA
1998 on : 96dbA

October, me & wife took advantage of a Voluntary Sound Test performed by the BLM at a race in Ridgecrest, CA.
WifesXR200 ( Supertrapp / 10 disc ) tested 95.8dbA "PASS"
MY 1990 KTM 540dxc ( Answer Silencer / new packing ) 98.8dbA "PASS"

(Prospectors GP /Nov.1&2) HUNGRY VALLEY State Vehicle Recreation Area
MANDATORY SOUND TEST -Must have "PASS" Stamp to pass Tech Inspection

Wifes 1994 XR200 ( Supertrapp / 10 disc ) tested 98.8dbA "NO PASS"
My 1990 KTM 540dxc ( Answer Silencer ) 102.8dbA "NO PASS"
My 1999 XR600 ( Supertrapp / 12disc ) 103.4dbA "NO PASS"

1 hour latter after Silencer Mods

XR200 ( removed 2 disc, now using 8 ) 95.8dbA "PASS-barely"
KTM540 ( re-packed to max ) 102.4 "NO PASS"
XR600 ( removed 4 disc, now using 8 ) 101.4dbA "NO PASS"

Needless to say I didn't get to Race, atleast Anna did.

Without any Modifications since the Voluntary Test only several weeks earlier, those are the Official Test Results for our Dirt Bikes.

They look up your Year & Model in a book that tell them if your bike is a FACTORY COMPETITION MODEL or NOT, and for the proper RPM range that your bike shall be tested. RPM's are measured with a Device placed on your bike that measures Vibration.

Reply by xr_rider on 11/11/2003 1:18:01 PM
thats retarded. they let people drive cars and trucks on the road that u can hear for miles away, but out in the middle of nowhere they dont let ya be loud with ur bike.

Reply by MotoVet on 11/11/2003 2:07:11 PM
For about 10 minutes while I watched the tests being conducted, only 2 of 8 bikes passed, 2 of them received Tickets for not wearing a helmet, and 1 was cited for no Green Sticker & No Helmet.

Alot of the Vintage (pre 1974) Bikes could not pass the test, therefore the Vintage/Classic Race at the Grand Prix had less than half the normal entries for the previous races of the Big 6 Grand Prix Series.

I guess this is what can now be expected since this GP was held at a State Facility. The other GP's are not subject to the sound testing because the races are held on private property.

Reply by 250R on 11/11/2003 3:29:07 PM
what about all these Harley Davidson's that are real loud and running straight pipes....? i like Harley's as much as the next guy but they are way over 96db. why is no one complaining about that. so you can cruise thru a state park on your loud as hell Harley and it is cool.

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