Northern CA: Auburn

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Northern CA: Auburn

Post by 4Strokes » Sun May 29, 2016 10:10 am

Topic: Northern CA (Auburn) riding areas?
Author: Clipity
Posted: 10/30/2005 7:13:26 PM

I am looking for some fire roads to ride around Auburn CA. My brother-in-law bought a plated XR650R and I have a XR650L both have more on road tires so please no single tracks. Thanks Clipity

Reply by Dan on 10/31/2005 8:21:16 PM
Head on up 80 to Colfax, go north on hwy 174 towards Grass Valley. A couple of miles after you cross the Bear river bridge you'll see You Bet rd. Turn right on You Bet, stay on it till it turns into Red dog rd. Head on up Red dog. About 2 miles after Red Dog turns to dirt, you'll come across a big tree in the middle of the road. Go left at the tree, it'll take ya down to the Greenhorn river, then across the river and on to Nevada city. Turn right at the tree, it'll put you on Chalk bluff rd. If you decide on the Chaulk bluff route, (which I suggest), it'll take you all the way to Hwy 20, above the town of Washington turn off(5,000 ft elev. sign). There's all kinda kick butt DS'n roads up there, do a map search for Reddog rd. and check it out. Used to live in Nevada city & have been riding the area since the 70's..Good luck, and don't forget to grin!!

Reply by Clipity on 11/02/2005 6:52:52 PM
Thanks, sounds like a great ridding area.

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