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Pi Pi Valley

Post by 4Strokes » Sun May 29, 2016 9:33 am

Topic: Pi Pi Valley, CA (Updated)
Author: ridge-runner
Posted: 03/10/2003 1:48:08 PM

I went to Pi Pi valley Sunday and it was pure heaven. Loam everywhere and lots of snow on the fire roads. Right where I was parked was the start of an awsome fire road covered with snow and a group of five riders rode up and sat there looking at the snow and discussing whether they should ride in it and ended up saying "it's to much snow. we'll get stuck." Balderfriggendash!!!!! They didn't know what they missed! Me and my kid were riding in up to two feet of snow and doing just fine. The little xr80 is pretty light and so was spinning in a lot of places but still, no probs. I had a blast with feet up, wfo, full lock powerslides out there.

Anywhere the snow was melted (wich was most places) it was pure loamy conditions. Totaly awsome riding. As usual after winter, there was trees down and trails covered with mountain junk and stuff but that just makes it better imo.

I'm going again this weekend (15/16) and will be camped at Elkins Flat. Anyone is welcome, so grab bikes and trucks and get riding before heat, dust, and crowds hit. Later, Al

Reply by Tony_A on 03/11/2003 8:59:08 PM
Ridge runner, I have an OHV map of Gold Note in the same area, Have you been there?? how is it?

Reply by ridge-runner on 03/12/2003 6:48:39 PM
Tony-A, I pass through the Gold Note are on my way to Elkins flat. There is a staging area with a lot of trails branching off from it. It is about 4 miles I think from Elkins Flat staging area by paved road. I have poked into it a couple of times from the Elkins area but have not really ridden the area yet. There are trails that connect the two areas and which also pass through and connect another staging area called Five Corners.

I was going to go this weekend and explore the Five Corners and Gold Note areas but now I'm not sure. All the weather reports say were going to get drenched starting Thursday and through the weekend. The mountains are supposed to get snow.

Forum member DHH knows the Gold note area real well and could help with that area a lot better.

Lets hope the weather man is wrong. Later, Al

Reply by NorCal on 03/27/2003 3:41:53 PM
Hi guys, I came across this site while browsing the 'net and deciding to stop in and post. Where is this Pi Pi Valley you are speaking of? I'm in the Santa Rosa area and frequently ride the Tahoe area once the snow melts. I usually ride Prosser Pits, Prosser Hills, The Sand Pits, Blackfoot Canyon, Kings Beach, etc. Any advice on some new single track areas would be great!! Thanks, Ben

Reply by ridge-runner on 03/27/2003 8:28:10 PM
Ben, It's up Hwy 88 past Jackson. Right before you get to Ham Station is a road off to the left called Omos Ranch Road. It's paved and you turn left, go about .5 miles and then turn right downhill on the road (also paved)to Pi Pi Valley. It's called North South road. Pi Pi has three main staging areas. The first one which is about 6 miles on N/S road is called Gold Note OHV. The next one is another couple of miles and is called the Five Corners Area. The last one, which has large camping areas on either side of the road is called Elkins Flat. That's the one I always go to and the one I am the most familiar with. This weekend I'm going to try and explore the other two areas. People I've talked to say there is some killer riding in those areas. Later, Al

P.S. The next time you go to Proccer, scream up 89 and go to Fort Sage OHV. It's killer this time of year. High desert terrain. More traction than you know what to do with! Only about 1.5 hours past Proccer.

Reply by NorCal on 03/28/2003 2:39:13 PM
Thanks for the info ridge-runner!! I appreciate it!! I rode Fort Sage last summer, it's a great place. I was camped at Eagle Lake out of Susanville and decided to bring my bikes and had a great time. Only downside is I didn't get to ride Honey Lake MX. Oh well, maybe next time. See ya

Reply by ridge-runner on 04/01/2003 7:17:58 PM
I just wanted to update this post with a big thanks to DHH for showing me around the Gold Note area of Pi Pi Valley. We hooked up this Sunday with our kids and a friend of mine and met a couple of other riders that wanted to tag along and had a great ride. DHH knows the area well and did a great tour guide impression.

We're going to hook up again in a couple of weeks and this time I'm going to show him around the Elkins Flat area.

AS of today it is raining and looks like we might get a little more and that will only be all good for the mountains.
I'll be up there again this weekend. If anyone els is going, give me a shout. Later, Al

Reply by DHH on 04/03/2003 04:50:19 AM
Al, It looks like there is going to be snow up there this weekend. I am going up to the Pioneer area this morning to work on a sick snowplow. I will let you know how much snow they have when I return this afternoon. The elevation were I am going is 4000' (about the same as where we parked on Sunday). I really enjoyed riding with you, Chip, and your son. I am looking forward to my tour of Elkins Flat. I will have to try to round up Havespine for that ride as he is a lot of fun to ride with also.

Reply by DHH on 04/03/2003 3:03:38 PM
There was about 8" of snow at the 4000' level this morning but, by the time I left, it was melting fast. Apparently there is more snow expected tonight. I hope it doesn't ruin your ride. I guess I'll find out what happened when I get back from vacation.

Reply by ridge-runner on 04/03/2003 6:21:21 PM
Yep Darin, I'm probably going to cancel on this weekend up there. It's going to snow again tonight for sure. I'll figure somewhere els to go at a lower altitude. Hollister Hills ought to be killer with all this rain. Cya when you get back and have fun! Al

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