Pastrana Base Jump into Grand Canyon

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Pastrana Base Jump into Grand Canyon

Postby 4Strokes » Tue May 31, 2016 11:05 am

Topic: Pastrana base jump into the Grand Canyon
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Posted: 08/18/2007 3:29:27 PM

MotoCross BASE Jump into the Grand Canyon by Travis Pastrana
Amazing footage of Travis Pastrana riding his dirt bike off a huge ramp over the edge of the Grand Canyon. He does this twice. Must see!

Reply by rogersj on 08/18/2007 4:15:23 PM
id never do that lol you would not be able to pay me enough money to do that lol

Reply by hondarocks61 on 08/18/2007 5:02:57 PM
my jaw dropped on that one, that is soooooo sick.

Reply by 250f canuck on 08/18/2007 5:47:18 PM
I think I've seen him do that before on a commercial or something. At least he was jumping Suzuki's. It would be a sin to wreck any other bike in that fashion. OK, maybe a Harley also.

Reply by hondarocks61 on 08/18/2007 6:51:59 PM
im can see a jump in the future on a borrowed Harley...

Reply by rogersj on 08/18/2007 8:02:55 PM
hey i got a Suzuki i think he should let some wr`s roll down there lol

Reply by sparta4188 on 08/18/2007 9:52:44 PM
This video is like as old as the internet!! lol

Reply by cracked junior on 08/18/2007 10:04:33 PM
he should of done 50 back flips, although back flips are getting old ,like the legs over the seat tricks are old. the first few back flips were cool. but now its getting old for me. although the double back flips are cool.

Reply by ALS650L on 08/19/2007 07:16:35 AM
The Harley would have fallen apart on the approach to the ramp

Reply by hondarocks61 on 08/19/2007 4:57:19 PM
actually, it wouldn't even start, so they would just roll it off a cliff!!

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