Ganaraska Forest Summer Ride

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Ganaraska Forest Summer Ride

Post by 4Strokes » Sun May 29, 2016 5:00 pm

Topic: Ganaraska Forest Summer Ride
Author: Phil Menna
Posted: 10/15/2003 1:56:30 PM

Man do i have a story bout the Ganaraska ... I went there twice, had tons of fun. but the second time i went, there were cops on the trails!!! what the heck is up with that? man that scared me. Well, anyway me and my friend slowed down to the three officers. (and by the way this is my first dirt bike so i didn't know that u had to have insurance and a plate to be legally allowed on the trails.) :( The cops looked up at us and asked us for our registration plates and some proof of insurance. My and my friend looked at each other; the officer turned and started talking quietly to his other officer friends. lol. I immediately took advantage of this situation and took off. I assumed that my friend followed, i hadn't looked back until i was another mile or so down the trail. Luckily, i couldn't find neutral while talking to the cop, so i left it in gear and held the clutch in! No, its not over yet guys, about 2 weeks ago my friend that i went riding with that day went back to the forest with a couple of his buddies, and he invited me to go. I backed out immediately. Because the 2 guys he was goin with had insurance and plates, and neither he nor I had got them yet. Well, he went riding and he told me that the cops were in the exact same spot as before, he followed behind his buddies that had the correct paper work, trying his best not to be seen. But, the cop noticed him, and the officers had a document saying that 2 riders one with a XR250(his) and a green helmet wearing a gray jersey, and a CRF230 (mine) wearing a red helmet and a red fox jersey, had escaped the cops! lol, this must have been what the cop was whispering to his other associates. !!! This time the cops had an ATV, on of them jumped on the ATV while one tackled my friend off his bike!! not a word of a lie. They fined him 1500$ and took away his truck, his trailer, his bike, and all his dirt biking equipment he had in his car. His court hearing thingy is next week. LOL, This is sad, and i thank my street smarts on this one. I really feel sorry for him but i did warn him! lol. Anyway, i hoped u all enjoyed this story ;). And by the way, to this day, i still dont have a licence plate, or insurance. Its useless, the Ganaraska is the only place where they have cop patrols on the trails; because its private prop. and i think its stupid. lol -Phil

Ps, and i heard that the fine is 5000 is ure caught without ure paper work. lol, lucky me eh!

Reply by damone on 10/16/2003 5:10:35 PM
You should have your stuff taken away just for evading the cops. If you pay the registration, which undoubtedly they would put back into staging areas and trails/maintenance then you wouldn't have to run (run Forest run).You make us all look bad and should be ashamed. Your buddy got what was coming to him and you will too. Karma will will get you if the fuzz doesn't.

Reply by Phil Menna on 10/17/2003 1:30:02 PM
naw i wont, i'm never goin back there. i got tons of other tracks and trails that i knoe of, that know stupid cops will be at. And no one here has insurance, or plates, or registrations. At least the guys i see and ride with.

Reply by Deeler on 10/18/2003 03:51:16 AM
Anyway, i hoped u all enjoyed this story ;). And by the way, to this day, i still dont have a licence plate, or insurance. Its useless, the ganaraska is the only place where they have cop patrols on the trails; because its private prop. and i think its stupid. lol -Phil

Let me try to think it's OK to break the law?

FYI the Ganny is Crown (public) land, subject to the same laws as the public roads. Hence the insurance and (off-road) plate requirements. Plus, to help keep the forest open since the province cut funding, a forest membership. Not much to ask for one of the biggest riding areas close to a major city in North America.

Lots of people invest their time and energy volunteering to keep the forest open for riders - and you think it's OK to break the rules?

Further, the OPP squad that occasionally patrols the Ganny operates all over the province. The unit was formed due to public demand to crack down on irresponsible dirt bikers and ATV riders who trespass on both public and private land, to arrest underage, unlicensed riders and to seize uninsured, unregistered bikes.

Off-road organizations like OCMC, OFTR and others, contribute funds for paid duty officers to help patrol the Ganny. They realize that public pressure on local politicians can be very persuasive. There are lots of people who would like nothing better than to see bikes banned in the Ganaraska. And every time there’s an incident like the one you described it’s another black mark, a strike against all the guys who do obey the rules.

Plain and simple - riding in a great place like the Ganaraska is a privilege, not a right. It must be respected and protected.

Please, please don't come back to the Ganaraska until you are ready to play within the rules. It's not much to ask and the rewards are more trails than you can ride in a month of Sundays! Deeler

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